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 Taking Time to Smell the Roses

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PostSubject: Taking Time to Smell the Roses   Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:16 pm

The sun was high but somehow within the walls of the forbidden city it seemed much cooler than normal in the desert and was quite enjoyable. Underneath one of the Sakura trees in full bloom was a man dressed in a dark cloak with lighter colored clothing beneath, he had until moments ago been taking a short nap as a part of his vacation here. Normally he would be out doing things like missions or even teaching Ijutsu at the hospital but not for now, this was his time. A few kikaichu crawled over his fingers with a few insects that he didn't host, it seemed that everyone was starting to make friends on this trip and it pleased him to see his partners relaxing, they after all were the ones on 24/7 high alert. He stretched his arms and yawned before getting to his feet to start walking down the purple path through the garden, it was nice to be around so much plant life at once and he seemed fully at rest for now due to it.

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Taking Time to Smell the Roses
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