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 Ai Kimoto no Usagi WIP

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PostSubject: Ai Kimoto no Usagi WIP   Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:44 pm

First Name: Ai
Last Name: Kimoto no Usagi
Gender: Female
Height: 5’3
Weight: 125
Age: 15
Birthday: January 13

Rank: Genin
Elements: Fuuton ,Doton ,Suiton
Specializations : Kenjustu , Genjustu , Medical justu

Personality: Ai is a silent individual, but will speak her mind if it is important. She tends to stay away from everyone, not one for being in crowds or talking much. Whenever Ai is spoken to she appears to be blunt and cold, but she’s only speaking her mind. Despite her evasive and lone wolf persona, Ai is nice person.
Likes: Ai enjoys training in general whether she’s by herself or with someone. She also enjoys watching the night sky and eggplants.
Dislikes: Ai can’t stand sweets, not even if it included eggplants. She despises when anyone picks on those who can’t fight or stand up for themselves.
Motivation : Ai wishes to protect those, who cannot protect themselves.
Fears: Ai is terrified of not being able to protect anyone.

Will be added later

Bloodline: Will be added later
Bloodline Ability: Will be added later
Location: Will be added later
Clan History: Will be added later


RP Sample:
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Ai Kimoto no Usagi WIP
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