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 Rendevous Point. Rohim's Surprise Guests

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PostSubject: Re: Rendevous Point. Rohim's Surprise Guests   Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:51 pm

Ty was already on edge as it was and as Dom returned giving away his position in the trees Ty almost reacted in an pretty aggressive fashion his hand was about a second away from drawing a weapon and attacking, of course he probably would have missed but it was just a reflex. Dom stated that now was the time for sleep if any, Tenshi didn't hesitate as he saluted the kage and went off to bed. Ty would stare at Dom for a second then back at the trees wondering what happened exactly but decided to put it off at least for now. Before laying down to rest he would address the kage "whom exactly would be recognizing our presence? If I may ask" as he waited for a response Ty would leann on a nearby tree, he himself didn't feel the need nor the want to unload a shelter for himself and so he would use the environment as his resting place, things were about to get real heated.
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PostSubject: Re: Rendevous Point. Rohim's Surprise Guests   Fri Oct 26, 2012 5:57 pm

As I stood above, the two took their own way towards what I said. Tenshi took the orders quite literal and went into the shelter to rest. I could tell he would be the leader of this duo. If I read between the lines, I would be able to appoint tasks and he would follow them right to the last detail. As for Tyouga, he seemed to have a more curious approach. He wanted to know more, which led me to think he would be more of the risk taker. The men would compliment each other well, and I was ok with that. I would hop from the tree and land next to my cousin and stand over him. Looking down, I answered.

"The man we are taking on is the right hand man to Don Krieg. So don't take this mission for granted. I killed a few guards, but those were push overs..The closer we get, the more skilled the enemy. So staying a few moves ahead is in our favor..."

I would walk away as I was speaking, eventually walking away into the forest. I would be the watch man for the day, letting the men rest the afternoon away. At nightfall, we were heading into the belly of the beast.

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