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 Rendevous Point. Rohim's Surprise Guests

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Dominic Edrick
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PostSubject: Rendevous Point. Rohim's Surprise Guests   Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:09 am

The Shivering Isles. They could make the skin of even the strongest shinobi crawl, the aura of their presence casting faint screams of lives lost and souls trapped for eternity in this barren wasteland. It was as if it were hell on earth for these entities of the past, unable to cross into the next world. The heavy mist of the early morning lay itself over the chain of islands, hiding them from the normal and easy view of the naked eye.

On this morning three shinobi, along with a small crew of men, were navigating their way through the fog filled terrains in search of the island home to the Forest of the Panther. Forest green trees would peak through the tips of the fog as our ship would steadily stay the course straight for the island. At this point, I was resting with my eyes closed, remaining perfectly still, or so it seemed anyway. Within my closed eyelids, much more would be going on. The natural air flow around me was calling, helping me with where we were and what was around us. My eyes would open slightly, a small glow of yellow peering through as I began to awaken. We were arriving..

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