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 Taking My Smoke Break

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Tokubetsu Jōnin

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PostSubject: Taking My Smoke Break   Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:21 pm

Shitai was sitting in the staff room of the hospital holding a lit cigarette between his fingers and leaning back on the bench. His morning so far had been completely clogged with about three surgeries, two life threatening injuries from missions where people made rather stupid mistakes and one child birth. Yes it was a busy morning even for him but these smoke breaks made it all worth it because the work seemed to make it taste even better. Nahaji had said something about maybe bringing someone around but he had no idea when that was planned for but the kage had his daily schedule down by now since he never really had a chance to change his routine whenever he had hospital duty. There were vending machines with some interesting chips and candy bars but he wasnt hungry and as far as soda went he would rather wait till he got off later tonight and meet up with the old bastard to get shit faced. So he just sat there and enjoyed his roll until it was burned out then like a true chain smoker lit up the next one within two seconds and took his first long drag to exhale an enjoyable ring of smoke and relax for just a little longer.

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Lacey Edrick

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PostSubject: Re: Taking My Smoke Break   Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:12 pm

Upon the start of her day, Lacey began by taking her walk towards the most famous hospital in all of the ninja world, Gurando Byoin. With her pre-training complete, Lacey was to now begin the next stage of her process. She was to meet a rather odd man, yet she didnt know him to be this way just yet. After a slow paced walk through the streets of Oashisu, Lacey came to the doors, entering them.

Walking in, one wouldnt expect it to be this way, but the hospital's main lobby had a massive cathedral type ceiling with a chandelier shimmering in the light. The source was coming through the most clear plain of glass, truly marveling this place, allowing it to live up to its name as the best.

Lacey would navigate, holding a scroll, equipped with her weapons. Seiteki Himei horizontal on her back and her Thunder Sword strapped on her left side, angled down. She took on the attire of a dark gray vest and skirt, walking a bit out of place compared to the wearings of the locals. A few stares passed her by, but the headband around her arm was her saving grace from harsh words, as ally to Oashisu. She needed to find the one named Shitai, and she was determined not to ask for help in the matter. If she couldnt find him on her own, then she didnt need to call herself a ninja at all. She would press a button to bring an elevator to her, waiting for it to open.