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 Compression ANBU Suit

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Rohim Edrick

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PostSubject: Compression ANBU Suit   Sat Sep 29, 2012 2:35 am

Name: Compression ANBU Suit
Type: Suit
Quantity: -
Description: An entire black body Compression suit made of 63% Nylon, 23% Polyester, and 14% Lycra. Adheres tightly to the skin for total comfort and flexibility, the suit allows for 100% maximum free range of motion. With portions of the armor constructed with flat black leather at the forearms, chest, elbows, thighs and knees, the leather is 2" thick, but weighs next to nothing. The crest on the forehead is made of pure Obsidian, coated in clear coat to give a metallic look. Covering from temple to temple, the headband crest is engraved with the Hurricane Symbol representing Harikengakure.
Abilities: -
Durability: The leather is specially compunded to 'sponge' the attacks from oncoming ninjutsu, taijutsu and Kenjutsu, reducing them by one rank in power/ 20%. Each part of the armor can do this only once per topic, then the areas can take full on damage.
History: Ever since the induction of the Harikengakure ANBU, this Compression Suit was made as means to ensure total movement for the ninja in the corps. Made by the unknown name of the first ever ANBU Elite in Harikengakure, this suit has passed the ends of time, and has been a symbol of these Black OPs for many centuries. The Obsidian headband crest was this creator's greatest discovery about the suit.

(I was looking for the village shinobi vests, and stumbled upon this old guy when I was going through Dom's items, reminding me I never transferred the rest of my stuff (This and the Eagle Kick jutsu). I had this on Mirage as well, and wish to get it transferred.)

"Defend the King." - Asuma Sarutobi

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Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: Re: Compression ANBU Suit   Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:40 am

Ok, but just to make it so there is no special treatment because this was so late, I'm just going to deduct 1,000 ryo as a penalty.

Ryo Deducted


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Compression ANBU Suit
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