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 Akuma, Lee

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PostSubject: Akuma, Lee   Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:11 am


First Name: Lee
Last Name: Akuma
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 157lbs
Age: 14
Birthday: January 1

Village: Arashigakure
Rank: Chuunin
Elements: Fire, Wind, Scorch
Specializations: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Ijutsu

Personality: Growing up as a Jinchuuriki, Lee was ridiculed and isolated every single day of his childhood. Because no one cared enough to call him "friend," his parents dying upon his birth, and no one taking the time to look his way, he has grown up with a loneliness only few would ever come to understand. He is a cool, collected individual, not used to relying on others for support. He strives to be cared for by others, b\to be something precious, and in doing so will try his hardest to protect those he loves.
Likes: Lee likes people. Being rejected by them for most of his life, he has striven to see the best in most, striven to make people want to feel love for him. He cares unconditionally about most, but will fight for those whom he loves with such a passionate rage, that he has been mistaken to be insane on occasion.
Dislikes: Lee dislikes all who try to hurt those around him. He keeps his friends as precious, and will avenge them when they are hurt no matter the cost.
Motivation: Lee is motivated by a two unforgettable factors. Firstly, and above all, he wished to become something he has never been before. He wishes to belong. He wishes to be something that others can call precious, something that can be loved despite a monstrosity so forcibly bestowed upon him. And secondly, he wishes to conquer this demon inside of him and eventually become the Hebikage.
Fears: Lee fears what any other Jinchuuriki would fear, and rightfully so. He among them fears being overcome by the beast of chakra that resides in his body. The beast that constantly knocks upon the gates of his mind. He cannot let it overcome him, or all is lost.


Bloodline: N/A
Bloodline Ability: N/A
Location: N/A
Clan History: N/A

History: The terrible chain of events that has been Lee's life began shortly after he was born. More precisely, when he was 7 months old. During peace time before the last Great War, the old Hebikage sealed the Yonbi inside of Lee, cursing his life forever. During his early years, Lee had trouble growing. To age about 8, Lee was further rejected by everyone else in the village, causing him to grow as a neglected child yearning for human interaction. He was alone, living in a small beat-down building by himself, having to steal money in order to buy daily essentials. He only stole what was needed for the bare minimum of living: clothing, water, and food. He frequently ran out of water or food, sometimes going weeks without either, causing his development to harden as stamina increased dramatically at such an early age. When he was 9, he entered the Ninja Academy late, and had trouble with basic ninjutsu, such as transformation jutsus and cloning jutsus due to the mixed chakra signals his body was contorting from his chakra, and the Yonbi's. He finally graduated the academy at the age of 13, becoming a fully fledged Genin and joining his very own 4-man team, called Team 3. His team consisted of two other children of Arashigakure. One was a Dovahkiin, a refugee of the war many years before, one was a Kinzoku, a relative and slave to the royal family, and their Jounin captain was an Ookami, a master wolf. During a period of 4 years, the team had gone on several missions and perfected their art of teamwork. After the Chuunin Exams after those 3 years, Lee won and was promoted to Chuunin, and the rest of his team went their separate ways. The Kinzoku was murdered by a member of the royal family, the Dovahkiin went away to Morigakure to learn more about his clan, and his captain disappeared, never to be seen again. Alone once more, Lee used this time alone to seek a method of mastering the monster sealed inside him, researching and practicing in any way he could, often causing him to lose control, and destroy small sections of the outskirts of Arashigakure. He was labeled a troublesome child by most citizens, a loner that was not to be dealt with. He was almost ready to give up on his pursuit until he had gotten further wind of another Jinchuuriki living in secrecy amongst the village, being trained by the Hebikage himself. Before Lee could approach the Hebikage though, he needed to do more training and to do more research. He left the village, and lived in the wilderness between the forests the south and the Land of Snakes, his previous home. Researching the Hebikage, he found out the man was a legend. He could control steel, and bend it to his will in fact. He was a human-snake, even hearing stories of the man shedding his own body in order to create a fresh one. He heard stories of the man summoning his own forge, and pounding away, created his very own weapons and armor. This man could surely do wonders for Lee, and Lee had made it his new goal to earn this man's approval and blessing, admitting him as a student. He trained relentlessly for months, trying his hardest to be able to show this Kinzoku that he would be worthy of this training. He wanted nothing more than to use this power to benefit him, to even befriend the demon inside him, but he knew the extent of work that it would take him to finally succeed. He began his training through basic core strength training, wanting to perfect his Taijutsu style through sheer strength and power. He began with push-ups, building his arms to their peak strength. He then would move on to basic sit-ups, eventually adding extreme weights to both scenarios. He would bench-press entire trees, stressing his Bijuu's natural strength boosts and using it to his advantage. He aimed to be the strongest shinobi in the world, on top of being the Yonbi's master. He would soon approach Takeshi Kinzoku, the Hebikage, and he would gain what he had sought long before: A release from the wretched demon.

RP Sample: I stood silently amongst the panicking crowd, peering through the mass of people that barely noticed my presence. I looked for any sign of trouble, any sign of the enemy that had attacked the village. I looked for them attempting to disguise themselves through the mass hysteria, which is what I would have done if I were them. I looked for any sign of another attack, for I knew there was still conflict going on at the Kage tower. I cared little for the Honokage at the time, so I let that go. My main goal in mind currently was to calm the people running throughout the streets. Sure, I didn't particularly like the people, but what good was devising and remaining in hiding when the hysteria of the people would draw attention the village as a whole, and in turn myself? There was no good in the situation to benefit me, so I decided to attempt at calming things down.

I wore a black robe, as dark as the soot clouds formed over the sky from the cries of weary volcanoes. My black hair hung loosely over my head, fitting to no particular fashion. My red eyes pierced through the night, while I had activated my Mangekyou Sharingan. My expression was grim, and my thoughts were silent. Just as I had begun to devise a plan, a loud voice rang out through the streets nearby. A booming voice, full of authority. I walked closer to get a better look at what was transpiring.

On top of the obsidian stage, where the town crier for the Coliseum battles usually stood, stood an odd man in a navy robe wearing a mask over his face. A mask... hm.. I liked the idea. The idea of hiding my identity with a simply structure.. I would keep it in mind. As I listened, the man's voice rang out over the ears of the people, calming them from panic to hushed awe. He preached of isolating the village, to days of peace and neutrality that he could somehow guarantee.

"Foolish.." I thought to myself, "But he has heart. I need a man with such strength of words to use in my plans. Perhaps befriending and aiding him would prove beneficial to me in the future." I walked up to the man's platform and looked him dead in the eyes that shown through his mask. "I offer my services as ANBU captain of your new village, and will personally come with you to ask the former Honokage to step down." I awaited his reply.

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PostSubject: Re: Akuma, Lee   Sat Sep 15, 2012 1:28 am


Credit goes to Takeshi
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Akuma, Lee
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