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 Azazel Ironborne (WIP)

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Azazel Ironborne

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PostSubject: Azazel Ironborne (WIP)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:22 am

Standing in at six foot one exactly Azazel is not a very imposing figure though he does have his moments, his skin a dark color some might say caramel, others might say mocha it depends on the person truly. His flesh naturally darker than most rather than being darkened by the sun, smooth to the touch, his body is leaner rather than muscular like a runner's compact muscles instead of being able to see them easily they are deceptive. His clothing is an odd choice for a shinobi as it sets him apart, he often wears nothing more than a vest revealing his mid section and chest to those who look at him. His pants are arabian style pants which are quite baggy and comfortable to be in, as for shoes he never wears them as he finds them to be annoying to deal with.

His hair is a natural color as well though not often seen on males as well a dark pink color often gets on called girly yet Azazel seems to pull it off quite nicely. His eyes a little darker than his hair are actually piercing to some as they seem to stare into them rather than at them, there seem to be no scars upon his body and besides his clan tattoo upon his back between the shoulder blades there is nothing else. He has both ears pierced though he often decides to wear just simple silver studs that can be seen when he ties his hair up though often he lets it fall where it will. Upon his right hand on the middle finger is a small silver ring that is rarely gone from his finger, cut out all around the ring are small cross shapes, on his thumb he wears a thicker silver ring with jade and a small ruby strip embedded into it.

First Name: Azazel
Last Name: Ironborne
Gender: Male]
Height: Six foot one.
Weight: One hundred eighty five pounds.
Birthday: December third

Village: Tsundoragakure
Elements: Fire, Earth, Yoton/Lava.

Personality: Azazel is a rather laid back person keeping to his own business unless someone's business affects him, he likes to try and get along with everyone as he thinks that there is a possibility for friendship anywhere. Most of the time people would consider him carefree as if none of the world's problems were his, but Ari is not a simple air headed young man he has his own worries and problems he just keeps them to himself rather than explaining them to others. Azazel is complex yet at the same time very easy to read as he will keep anything painful or troublesome to himself so he doesn't become a bother to others, he tries to cheer up others when they are sad or angry.

Azazel tries to do the right thing when he can especially if he is the only one who can do it at the time, if others are in danger he will do his best to protect them even if it means exposing his abilities to the public. His decision making is often decided on the spot rather than thinking things over making people see him as reckless, one second he could be talking to someone and the next second he could be hitting them because he comes to learn they are a horrible person. While trying to avoid violence when he can this does not mean that Azazel is a pacifist by any stretch, Azazel knows that sometimes words are not enough to persuade others to do the right thing so force is necessary.

Behind his carefree and cheerful attitude he hides a violent streak which comes from years of fighting/sparring within the clan, while he does not seek out fights Azazel also does not hesitate to use violence if necessary. Though even when using violence Azazel is not particularly angry or sadistic, it takes quite a bit to bring out his anger as he feels giving into anger is just another weakness. His anger usually is directed at those who pick on the weak or feel the need to torture other whether it be physically or mentally, he tries to maintain a cool head in every situation but that is almost impossible.

Azazel is very ambitious, stubborn and determined. He refuses to give up in a difficult situation and is very head strong. He is mostly known for his undying and furious fighting spirit. He enjoys to fight/spar against strong opponents and sees no point in holding back if it is a test of skill and strength. He is also a glutton and is able to eat at least five times a normal meal, he is also a great cook. While he is quite the hot headed man he is not stupid by any means though he does act goofy and carefree very often, when fighting it is like a switch is flipped on and he can become very ruthless. Though he might act ruthless Azazel is not a killer or a sadistic man, he does not pick on those weaker than him and he does not see the need to fight with those that are unwilling.

While he is gentle, warm, and caring with his friends Azazel has not a care for what happens to people he does not know. At the same time he isn't completely cold as he will make excuses to help others like oh that could be a fun fight or carrying that for the old woman could be strength training. But in terms of sadness or anger for something that happens far away Azazel has not a care for it, even if someone were to set off a bomb and kill thousands he wouldn't hate them because he didn't know the people. Now if the same bomb was set off in his area he would indeed be angry or seek vengeance as said bomb could have killed him or people he knows.
Likes: Forests: Azazel enjoys the tranquility of the forests and often has animals come towards him as he gives off little to no killing intent towards them.

Strong opponents: Even when completely outmatched Azazel enjoys the fights as he knows he will grow stronger from fighting them and he enjoys the rush of putting his life on the line in his fights.

Sweet candy: Azazel enjoys sweet candy but had to cut back when he was told that he was getting a bit fat by friends, so he is very stingy/possessive of his sweets and will snap if someone were to eat them or throw them out.

Music: Though Azazel is horribly tone deaf when it comes to singing he enjoys listening to music quite often, many have run away from Azazel as he sang after a few too many drinks and unfortunately Azazel doesn't realize the ear piercing sound of his own voice.

Dislikes: Sour/bitter things: Azazel cannot stand the taste of anything sour or bitter and if he gets even the tiniest of tastes he will be in a 'sour' mood all day (pun definitely intended lol).

Overly touchy people: Azazel hates when people decide to hug or kiss the first time they meet him and he especially hates when they decide to cling to him even if they have known him for years he dislikes being clung to.

Horses: Azazel believes that horses are secretly smarter than they act and as a small child he was bitten by a horse so he constantly thinks that if he comes close to a horse that they will eat him like an apple.

Bad smelling food: Azazel relies entirely upon his sense of smell to tell him if food is good or bad so he hates when someone brings him nasty or smelly food as well he will not try it at all if his nose doesn't like the smell.

Motivation: Azazel's only true motivation is strength in it's purest form, he wants no power ups or shortcuts to gaining power he wants to fight his way to the top until he stands above everyone else as the strongest Shinobi there is.

Fears: Horses: Azazel believes that horses are secretly smarter than they act and as a small child he was bitten by a horse so he constantly thinks that if he comes close to a horse that they will eat him like an apple.

Being forgotten: Azazel fears never being known by anyone, his biggest fear is that when he passes away whether it is due to old age or a battle is that no one will remember him or his accomplishments, it is one of the reasons he seeks so much power.

Getting lost: Azazel's sense of direction is worse than a blind man being spun around repeatedly and then told to go home, he has gotten lost on several occasions but his fear is to get lost somewhere he can't really do anything like the arctic or a mountain area.


Bloodline: Lava release: Gomu style
Bloodline Ability:
Clan History:


RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Azazel Ironborne (WIP)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 3:44 pm

Before you continue, just take the text and put it after the brackets, not in them. Your text should be white/normal, the only orange should be what each section is named.



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Azazel Ironborne (WIP)
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