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 Fill in Waiter/Waitress

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PostSubject: Fill in Waiter/Waitress   Tue Jun 26, 2012 7:59 pm

Rank: D
Reward: 800
Story: A restaurant is missing its waiters and they need ninja to fill in for the sick staff.
Description: This is to be posted with the title "Fill-in waiter/waitress [depending on your chara's gender]", and then post 200 words minimum for ten posts. You will have to serve your customer, get their orders & entertain them.This mission can be done any amount of times as it will award you well. That being said you must also be a performer as well in which you show off at least two jutsu in this thread as well. Remember to keep your customers happy and also post the link below once you've completed this mission.


Credit goes to Takeshi
The Burning Light
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Fill in Waiter/Waitress
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