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 Pre Training. Prepping for the Hunt.

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Nahaji Sankuro

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PostSubject: Pre Training. Prepping for the Hunt.   Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:14 pm

Haji would open the gates to the first arena of the Inferno Tres. Each arena had it's own differences. One was a dusty barren desert, one was a dusty mountain range replica, and one was a replica of the oasis brought down to a minor scale. Haji chose the mountain range, for it's the first step in reaching the oasis. Each arena went in order. Arena 1 is the mountain range, arena 2 is the barren desert, and arena 3 is the oasis. It was symbolic for the people who lived here. You must climb the highest mountain, and walk through the most barren and desolate places before you can finally drink from the cool spirit of life.

He awaited his young granddaughter with his black cloak resting around his shoulders. He figured he would begin forming the necessary handseals for this technique he was going to pass on. So he began.

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Lacey Edrick

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PostSubject: Re: Pre Training. Prepping for the Hunt.   Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:36 pm

There was a note left for Lacey to head to the Los Infernos Tres, an early morning request of her grandfather. Lacey didnt realize that the day was going to start like this, but the hectic schedule was already beginning. After an early morning of preparation, she gathered her things and set towards her destination location.

Once reaching the grand structures of Los Infernos, Lacey met up with Nahaji, and to her surprise, at the man performing handseals. Was he initiating a battle, or was he just doing some pratice until she arrived? Regardless, Lacey pressed her hand on the handle of Seiteki Himei, just in case. She would stand in wait, but her muscles were ready to react at a moment's notice. That was until Haji would confirm what it was they were doing, and why he was preparing seals of the hand.