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 Hurricane Force: Stage 5 Calculation

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Dominic Edrick
Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: Hurricane Force: Stage 5 Calculation   Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:40 pm

Hurricane Force: Stage 5 Calculation

Rank: S
Reward: 9000 Ryo
Story: Like clock work, the Hidden Hurricane lives up to it's name, being constantly rampaged by these devastating storms. Harikengakure has 6 stages of preparation in which they execute to make sure citizens are prepared for the oncoming conditions. This task execution in known as 'Hurricane Force'

Stage 5 - Time to separate the men from the boys. Its time to take the information from Mt. Myria, and take it to the Hurricane. Your going to be giving the FULL accuracy of the hurricanes power, velocity, rotation, and size. This is to give a full on categorization of the hurricane. Your out at the deepest of the ocean, so it is VERY likely, that if you make one false move, you WILL die. You will be going all the way into the eye of the hurricane, and back out, and repeat it twice. Once again your looking for.......

  • Power
  • Velocity
  • Rotation Speed
  • Overall Size from outer most of the storm and into the eye.


-Post a topic in the Travel Area, Hurricane Force: Stage 5 Calculation [Mission]-
-Posts must be atleast 5 lines long, and atleast 25 posts total.-
-Must travel out into the depths of the ocean, and find the storm.-
-Travel into the hurricane, all the way into the eye, and out the other side.-
-Take all the notes necessary, then classify the size of the hurricane.-
-Repeat your travel back through the hurricane to make sure no detail is left behind.-
-Fight the storm and head back to Harikengakure with your mission complete.-