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Dominic Edrick
Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: TOP SITES VOTING - Please Read   TOP SITES VOTING - Please Read I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 7:34 pm

Button 1: This button is the button to RPersanonymous Top Sites. This site focuses their Top 40 by pageviews, however, we are doing very well in the voting. A lot of people use active votes as their way of choosing the site in which they want to go to. So voting everyday for this one is very important, so please do so to better us as a site.

RPers Anonymous Topsites

Button 2: This button is the button to Tops Site List Planet. This site focuses on a sites overall votes from the beginning of registration and does not reset every month like the other two. This site also shows the number of hits we recieve by clicking the button from their site. Voting everyday here is EXTREMELY important because the more votes we have, the more devoted members we seem to have, so please, I urge this one to not be forgotten.

Free Top Site

Button 3: This button is the button to Fantasy RP's RPG Top Sites. This site focuses their Top 40 by monthly votes, which means at the start of every new month, the votes reset to zero. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE TO VOTE FOR! I say this because we HAVE to vote everyday to keep ourselves on top. I BEG you to never forget to vote for this site, because this one is the most difficult of the three to stay positioned in.


If you have a smart phone, or more than one IP Address in which you can get to, vote on these buttons as many as you can. With this site TRULY being my last, I want to make it all I can make it, so please, vote everytime you log on for the day. I strive for greatness and I hope that you all will too.

Also, I will be rewarding us all if I see the votes are being given at a rapid pace. So voting may get you something special.

TOP SITES VOTING - Please Read Dominicsiggy

TOP SITES VOTING - Please Read Green_flash_by_datnumber7-d4r3hga

TOP SITES VOTING - Please Read Minato2