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 [Nami Doragonhato / Jutsu Registration]

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PostSubject: [Nami Doragonhato / Jutsu Registration]   Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:05 am

Name: Sonic Rainboom
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C-A
Type: Nintaijutsu
Element: Raiton + Fuuton
Distance: Self
Description: In order to build up the proper chakra needed for this technique the user charges raiton style chakra into their legs for speed and fuuton style chakra into the rest of their body so that they lose most of the wind resistance in addition to creating the void of space behind them which creates the imagery effects described later. Chakra is balanced at a 30/70 raito between lightning and wind styles so it can only be performed by shinobi with higher than usual chakra control, thus this is limited to Special Jounin and higher rank shinobi, anyone with a lower rank would be completely unable to achieve the effects of this jutsu.

The sonic rainboom is nothing more than a massive burst of speed in a beeline direction but if performed as a supplementary addition to another technique it can become fatal to those that encounter it. The level of speed achieved depends on how much chakra is pumped into the technique. Onlookers can tell how powerful the technique is by how many colors are released in the rainbow trail left by the user as they dash forward. For the first color the user must exert 20 chakra points, for every additional 3 colors (with a maximum of 7 colors all together including the first) the user pays an additional 10 chakra. so one color takes 20 chakra (C rank), 4 colors is 30 (B rank) and all 7 costs the user 40 chakra (A rank). The user charges the raiton/fuuton chakra through their body for the same length of time the normally would for the rank of the jutsu they are using.

After the user has charged the chakra into their body they take off with a massive burst of speed straight forward. At first no colors are seen as what is called a mach cone forms around them, normally the mach cone is unable to be seen by the human eye but since this is a chakra enhanced mach cone it is clearly visible in front of the user (refer to the included image for more details). As the user runs the mach cone gets tighter and tighter around them until they reach max velocity (running a distance of thirty feet) the light behind the user explodes in a massive eruption of chakra and depending on how many colors (the rank used) appear the user gain a burst of speed as well as a trail of the colors following them as they beeline for a maximum distance of one hundred feet straight forward. The user is unable to turn while using this technique.

# of ColorsSpeed Increase

While the jutsu itself only grants the user a burst of speed there is also the effect of what will happen if the user slams their body into an opponent. This is of course determined by the number of colors gained through use of the jutsu. The chart used to determine the damage is as follows;

# of ColorsDamage Level
OneSevere Bruising
FourBroken Bones
SevenOrgans Ruptured
*The user will receive damage equal to one rank lower in damage, however for the level where only one color was gained the user just feels a soreness on the impacted area.

This jutsu is only able to be used two times (safely) in any single topic with a cool down of six posts. The user can use it once more for a third attempt and do it successfully but they will feel completely exhausted and will be unable to move the round after, No one can use this jutsu more than three times in any topic.


Credit goes to Takeshi
The Burning Light
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PostSubject: Re: [Nami Doragonhato / Jutsu Registration]   Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:39 pm

Wasn't there already a price on this back on Mirage? I thought we got that far. However it does need the percentage to take place of the 2-4x aspect. To be honest, I remember thinking you paid an asa load for this, so do 25% 35% and 45% respectively for each speed increase. Also change speed increase to 'rank increase in speed'. You also have the option of choosing mph if you wish.

Let me know your choice and we will continue from there.