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 Rohim's Knuckles

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Rohim Edrick

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PostSubject: Rohim's Knuckles   Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:21 pm

Name: Rohim's Knuckles
Type: Knuckle Knives
Quantity: 2 (Pair)
Description: Knuckle knives are made of reinforced folded-diamond, making them extremely lightweight and durable. These blades are fashioned by combining a small dagger-like weapon to knuckle dusters (such as brass knuckles), but in this case, the whole weapon is made of the same diamond material. The holes where the fingers are inserted are lined with rubber, making the grip more comfortable. The blade itself is 7 inches long, and the handle/knuckle-dusters are custom smelted to the hand of the user in order to make the hold comfortable.
Abilities: N/A
Durability: Both sections of this weapon (the dusters and the blades) are made of reinforced folded diamond. This means that the weapon is virtually indestructible. It can withstand hits from any known material, but can only cut through things of the same durability as diamond.
History: Rohim Edrick is an very unique fighter in his own right. He is one of the best Taijutsu fighters in the world, but he belongs to a clan that strives through Kenjutsu. He wished to have a fair edge, so he smelted his own pair of very powerful Knuckle Knives in the forges of Edrick City high atop Mt. Myria. These weapons allow him to use blade-requiring clan techniques as well as throw his own knowledge of Kenjutsu into his immense power and prowess in the field of Taijutsu. These blades are a perfect match for him, allowing him to extend his own fists into powerful cutting attacks while as the same time allowing him to choose to attack with the knuckles through powerful bone-breaking punches. He calls them his "knuckles."

(I'll be buying these instead of Don Krieg's knuckles as a trade-off of sorts.)

"Defend the King." - Asuma Sarutobi

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Rohim's Knuckles
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