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 Rain Catcher [Mission]

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PostSubject: Rain Catcher [Mission]   Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:03 pm

I was walking out to the Black Forest outside of the stormy village I called my home. I had been feeling fairly bored, so I thought I would pass the time before my training would begin with a simple D ranked mission. The village I lived made some of its profit through the simplicity of water. It was the village hidden in the storm after all, and water was easy to come by. Out here in the forest, the rain would have to fall through many leaves, trees, and other vegetation before it would eventually hit the ground, and it would leave its germs and impurities on each thing it bounced on. By the time the rain would hit the ground, it would be officially some of the purest and completely natural water the world has to offer. That's why our water was famous. But in order to make the profit on it, someone had to come out here and collect it. That's where poor saps like me who got into missions like this came in. All I had to do was collect water. Woo. Hoo.

But, I volunteered for this, so I guess it was my vault. I lugged the empty tank behind me on a cart as I trudged through the storm and underbrush to get to the middle of the forest. I could just feel the decaying leaves from the ground sticking to the work boots I had on my feet. Also, I had on my leather jacket, as well as black jeans. Underneath was my usual tight white T-shirt. The rain didn't bother me, as I had grown up through constant rain, through the worst storms to ever reach this ninja world. My headband was tied firmly around my forehead. A grim expression of slight pain crossed my face, and a snarl escaped from me as I yanked the cart out of a pile of leaves. This sucked. But, at least I was getting paid for it. I had to find a decent enough spot to put this cart.

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Rain Catcher [Mission]
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