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 Ningyo, Tsukai

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PostSubject: Ningyo, Tsukai   Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:14 pm

First Name: Tsukai
Last Name: Ningyo
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132lbs.
Age: 15
Birthday: August 23, 1997

Village: Oashisugakure
Rank: Genin
Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind
Specializations: Puppetry, Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Personality: I am not afraid to consider myself as a quiet type but I am able to keep a conversation going. I am easy to get along with other people. When it comes to training, missions or battles, I remain focused and don't allow anything to get in my way.
Likes: I like to be able to help others in some way possible. I don't know why, but it just makes me feel that I am making a step forward to understanding who I am. Another thing I like to do is training by myself. Every once and awhile I will take the occasional spar but I prefer by myself.
Dislikes: I especially hate people who are full of themselves, greedy, and take advantage of others. It shows to others how weak they truly are and that they are truly lazy. If you want to accomplish something, don't use another person to do it for you.
Motivation: I want to find my purpose here in this life. What is it that I am supposed to accomplish? Why was I chosen to be a user of puppets? Out of all of my family, why me?
Fears: Silly as it might sound but I am terrified of spiders...honestly. It had all started when I was four. It was dark out and I had awaken from a bad dream about a creature with eight legs and eyes. I got up and walked around and there, in the corner of my room, was a spider. I about passed out.


Bloodline: NA
Bloodline Ability: NA
Location: NA
Clan History: NA

History: I've been told that the way nature works is mysterious and complicated. That I can support. I say this because if you were to ask about me in my village, you would here me be called a freak accident, or the wrong child, and some other things that are not worth repeating. The answer to why I say this is probably because of my "special ability" my parents so call it. In my childhood years, I was as ordinary as any child. I was granted with using the elements Fire, Earth, and Wind. As being my parents, they taught me in the ways of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and kenjutsu. They taught me how to contain my elements and how to perform easy jutsus. It wasn't until that one day, the year before the ninja academy, that I had realized my special talent. It was a sunny day in the village and I was out with my mom running errands and such things. At that time, kids usually didn't cary around toys with them. I was different because my mother had gotten me a minature manequin to play around with when I was very young. I had loved it and cherished it with all my heart and would never let it go. When we had got to a food stand I asked my mom if I could go off and play. She nodded and said not to go to far. As I was running around, I heard some kids laughing. I turned and saw that they were pointing fingers at me. I was puzzled and one of the boys came over and shoved me to the ground. Letting go of my manequin, the boy picked it up off the ground and started to say things to me. I couldn't understand what he was saying because I was distracted by what I was feeling. I could feel my chakra rushing into the tips of my fingers and being stored up in high quantities. The chakra suddenly shoots out of my fingers and makes a connection with the manequin. The boy drops it and runs away while crying, leaving me to ponder what had just happened. The manequin suddenly got itself up off the ground and just stands there. I just look at it and people are starting to look at me and are whispering things. I stand up and start to walk away, but the thing just walks with me. All the way back to my mom too. When she sees what is going on, she runs to pick me up and thats when the manequin falls to the ground. From that day forward, I had discovered my puppetry and trained myself on how to use it. Now nobody likes me or wants to be my friend.
RP Sample:
It has been two weeks since my graduation of the ninja academy. I was just roaming around the village just pondering my thoughts. As I was walking past a group of women talking about the gossip of the day, I was able to pick up bits of them saying something that was referring to me. I imagined in my head them making glares at my back. All I could do was just smile. For when I enter the Chunin exams, they will understand just how strong puppetry can be. As a Genin now, my life was still the same as before. Everyone takes me as an outcast and they even ask my parents if I was even their son. As I was passing a bar I heard some laughing in an alley next to it. Curious, I looked down into it and saw a group of thugs pushing around a girl about the same age as I. She looked to be a swordsman due to the sword that was kicked away from her by the thugs. There were three of them, all of them tall, muscular, but probably not bright. The sword had been kicked towards me a yard or so away from me. I stuck towards the shadows and crept my way towards the sword to pick it up. The thugs were still laughing and making rude comments to her but luckily hadn’t detected my presence. I reached the sword and picked it up. It was a katana sword and was very light for quick swipes and handling. I was directly behind one of the thugs and I started to charge my chakra. The girl must have been a sensory ninja because somehow she knew where I was standing and made a slight nod to me. After a moments pause, I weaved a few handseals and channeled my chakra into the sword. After what seemed only seconds, the blade of the katana erupts into flames and lights up the whole alley. The thugs, which were all so busy with the girl, jumped back in surprise and let out a little yelp. Seeing the distraction, the girl quickly made handseals and swiped her leg across the ground. She must have had Wind release due to the fact that a huge gust of wind came from her leg sweep and knocked all of the guys to the ground. I jump over the thugs and land next to the girl who was still on the ground. I put the katana, which is still on fire, next to one of the thugs’ face and he lets out a cry of pain due to the scorching heat. I extinguish the flame of the blade and hand it back to the girl. She takes it from me and stands up. She looks me into the eyes and just nods her head at me and then takes off out of the alley. I watch her go for a few moments and turn to face the thugs. It appeared that they had taken the chance of me looking out at the girl to get away. I do a quick scan of the area and walk out and head for home.

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PostSubject: Re: Ningyo, Tsukai   Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:34 pm

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