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 Ayatsuri, Bryn

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PostSubject: Ayatsuri, Bryn   Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:03 am


First Name: Bryn
Last Name: Ayatsuri
Gender: Male
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 95 lbs
Age: 8
Birthday: October 13th

Village: Harikengakure
Rank: Genin
Elements: Wind, Earth, Water
Specializations: Taijutsu, Ijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu

Personality: Bryn is a small child, and like any small child, he acts like a child. Frequently does he ever want to lay down or sleep, being always very energetic. He is mostly happy, and isn't upset easily, being a naturally good and forgiving person. He loves getting himself into any amount of trouble, only because a little mischief is always fun to have. Ajax is afraid of the dark, and still believes in childlike things like monsters and the tooth fairy.
Likes: Bryn likes candy and girls. He is slightly more matured for his age (being nearly 5 feet tall already) and has already started taking a liking to females. He also likes helping others as much as he can, even though there isn't much an 8 year old can do. He also enjoys running as a past-time, as well as writing.
Dislikes: Bryn dislikes mean people. He had never really known people in his very brief life, but in the short time of him living, he has established that mean people need to be punished, and that it is the right thing to do to be nice.
Motivation: Bryn is a very young child, and really doesn't have a motivation like most people do. His only motivations are still to become a better ninja and.. well.. to figure out a better motivation.
Fears: Bryn fears, as stated above, the dark. It is evil to him, and he doesn't like being in it alone. However, being a child-prodigy by graduating the academy at age 8, he has been working on conquering his fear of the dark, and will soon find out that it is easier than he might've thought.

The Ayatsuri

Bloodline Ability:
Location: Scattered
Clan History:


RP Sample:

After packing, in my pack underneath my black robes, I had brought my kunai and shuriken. At either side of my waist hung The Key to Oblivion, and the Oathkeeper, making me ready for any surprises while on the road. I turned to the gates of Huoshangakure at my back, leaving behind the lair I had created only a few days prior to my departure. Taking my first step on the road, many thoughts rushed through my head.

This road, for one, caused some thoughts to arise in my head. This road, traveled by many caravans and traders, but never by the feet of hundreds of soldiers. That would change in the future, and I would make sure of that. This nation would see war, and it would be because of me. Secretly.

Today would begin my secret alias. I would need a new name, a name worthy of my superior stature. My name would be the same as the founder of my great clan, of the mighty Uchiha. Kaishi Uchiha would be my name now, the son of the great Sage of Six Paths. It would only create an aura of mystery surrounding me. Because that would make me hundreds of years old, but yet here I was, bearing the Sharingan like him before me.

Placing the mask over my face, I set on the path that I had prepared for countless months, years even. The mask that the world would come to fear, the mask no man would ever see beneath, except for those knowing my true name. I would begin my story today, with this step, on the way to the other side of the world.

I was now, Kaishi Uchiha.

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Ayatsuri, Bryn
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