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 Change in Management (All Kage)

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Toketsu Shokan

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PostSubject: Change in Management (All Kage)   Sat Sep 22, 2012 12:00 pm

I entered my office, the office of the Honokage. It had been about a week since the attack on the village and we've had an adequate amount of time to recover. The old Honokage had fled and blown up the office portion of his tower, which I had to spend the entire weeks time rebuilding. It took a lot of energy and chakra but I succeeded in rebuilding the office complete out of ice. It was the only option, I needed my office rebuilt the fastest way possible so I could begin working. I entered my office and sat down in my icy throne after dawning my kage robe and my modified mask with the symbol of Huoshangakure on the forehead and began to think.

I had to tell the other kage of the situation here, to alert them of the change in management. I pulled out 5 pieces of legal tender and laid them out, titling them for their respective kage Tsurukage, Hebikage, Shiokage, Shimokage, and Akazunakage. After labeling them I began to write the body of the first letter...

Venerable Hebikage,

I am writing to inform you of the situation here in Huoshangakure. There was recently and assault on the village by 3 unknown shinobi, their power was immense and rivaled my own but it seemed they weren't here to destroy my village for if they were I fear that they may have succeeded, they were here for something else I'm not sure what but soon after the old Honokage destroyed a portion of his tower and fled the attackers left as well, I was unable to pursue them but wished to inform you that there are indeed wandering ninja out there that are worth keeping an eye on in the future. Now, I'm sure you're curious as to who I am, Since the old Honokage abandoned his village I have taken it upon myself to lead the village. I am not ruling like a dictator the people are fine with me being kage, they just wanted someone to lead them and I wished to protect them, simple as that. In closing, I wish to someday meet with you in person so that we may begin diplomatic relations. I hope to hear from you soon.

The Fourth Honokage

After finishing with the first letter I rewrote the same thing 4 different times, each addressed to a different kage. I then called for 5 messenger ninja up to my office and after putting each letter in an envelope with the seal of the Honokage I gave one to each of them, with the name of their respective kage on the front. I stood up from my desk and after walking to the front leaned against it with my arms crossed, I then spoke to the ninja "These letters are of great importance, I don't care how you do it but you are to get them to your assigned kage in no more than 4 days. Do I make myself clear?" They all saluted and responded with a simultaneous "Sir!" I then waved my hand to dismiss them and they disappeared into a puff of smoke each, off to notify the kage. I then returned to my desk and continued my bureaucratic work, it would be a few days before I would get a response from any of the kage.

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

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PostSubject: Re: Change in Management (All Kage)   Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:29 pm

4 days later In Tsundoragakure......

Nami would be ushered to his office by his assistant stating that it was of an very important matter. Not being one to argue with her he headed there post haste. Upon his arrival he didn't see anything that he figured would draw his attention immediately but upon further inspection he found a letter an official document from Huoshangakure. He would read the letter to himself a couple of times before thinking on the subject, if he had read right there was apparently a new kage in charge in the hidden volcano. Nami would set down the letter and begin heading for the door he would respond to the letter later or...... he could respond now and go ahead and get it out of the way. He would turn around sit down in his chair and begin writing a response to the new guy in charge.

~Dear Honokage

I am writing this response as a sign of acknowledge of your new position as the kage of the hidden volcano and wish you best of luck while you hold that title for it is no easy task running a village and am sad to hear that your village's previous kage ran out on you. I would also like to thank you for the heads up about the wanderers I'll be sure to keep an eye out for these potential threats to my village and it's people. May our villages hopefully never come across each other in the name of violence.

Sincerely The Shimokage, Nami Doragonhato.

After finishing his short response he would pull out an envelope out of his draw and place the letter inside. The envelope had a rather fancy appearance about it letting the courier who delivered it know that it was top priority. Ushering one of his own jounin into the room he gave him the task of delivering the letter back to the hidden volcano. After watching him leave in a plume of smoke he would jump out his window and go back to the other tasks he had to manage today.


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PostSubject: Re: Change in Management (All Kage)   Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:08 am

As I returned to the Castle of Illismera from a long day of grueling training, I was interrupted at the castle gates by a young child. The child was lightly dressed, yet with thickly padded shoes. "Ah, a young courier," I thought to myself before saying aloud, "How can I help you, child?" His response sounded winded and almost short for breath, as if he had rushed to get here right before I had. "Sir! I'm the new intern for the castle couriers, and I've been sent to tell you something!" he said rather loud. The kid was somewhat of a hot-head, but hey, it was amusing. I decided to play along, "Well then you better tell me it quick! I'm sure it's important, after all." He looked flustered at my response, obviously not ready for me to be so enthusiastic about it. After he seemed to register in his mind what had just happened, he replied even more fired up than before. "There was a note pinned to your door this morning! This note!" he yelled as he handed me a small envelope, "It's from the Volcano, as you can clearly see by that there seal! I've also been told to report to you that it has been checked by the ANBU, and everything appears to be fine!" I looked down at the white envelope now in my hands, and sure enough, there was the seal of Huoshangakure. As I read it, I felt my brow furrow with pensive thought. This troubled me greatly, simply because these ninja that had attacked could only mean the Sannin I had secretly allied myself to. What were they up to? They never mentioned to me anything about attacking the Volcano, for any reason, even if it was to dispose of a former Kage.

On the long walk to my office, I had more than enough time to embellish a response to this "new Honokage." I opened my door and walked into my office. Vines grew up and down every bookshelf and every cabinet. I opened the large window at my back to let in a strong breeze, carrying the very beauty of the forest I lived to protect. I looked down from my window to see the Forest Floor, bustling with market stalls. I saw the food stalls, the black smokestack coming from the blacksmith's forge, and children running through the open areas playing with different assortments of toys. A small grin of content crept across my face, and I turned to sit at my desk. Rifling through the contents of my desk, I found a piece of parchment to write on. I then turned to the vines covering the cabinet to my right, and let out a low hum that seemed to shake the foundations of my room. One of the vines slowly began to creep through the cabinet before wrapping itself around a quill before extending itself out to my desk, and gently placing it on the parchment. I repeated to process to bring myself a jar of ink, and soon began my writing.

"To the formidable Honokage,

My name is Skar Dovahkiin, first Tsurukage of the Land of Vines, creator of the Village Hidden in the Forest, and the patriarch of the Dragonborn. Word of this group of rogue shinobi troubles me deeply, and I will contact my ANBU protection to be on high alert for the next few months. I thank you graciously for sharing that bit of information.

Now, onto the pressing matter at hand. As the new Honokage, you must be aware of the many responsibilities you will come to face. I know you say it is as simple as 'They wanted a new leader, so I lead them," or, "I want to protect them," but unfortunately it's not that simple. It's never that simple. You have to learn to make decisions that will be best for you village, which is going to come to be much more complicated than you know now. Some of your people will hate you for it, and some will love you. Not everyone will be happy, and you're going to have to learn to live with that. You're going to have to deal with financial troubles, setting trades and terminating deals. You're going to have to be an icon, attending some public events in order to keep your face as dependent on the village as they are to you. I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into from this impulse decision to take an entire nation of people under your rule without any type of governmental system. The way you've gone about things worries me. It worries me for the people in your land, and it worries me for the rest of the world, because I fear what will come as a result of this reckless behavior. Because you have done things how you have done them, you've shown the world that your village is weak because of their sudden admittance of a kage without any set rules, laws, or reasons for doing so other than the fact that they 'needed a leader.' Hopefully you can prove me wrong by turning around the terrible fate of the village you now rule, the terrible fate that you continued by setting a bad example of coming into power. And hopefully you can actually make good of the wasteland that you have walked into.

I look forward to meeting you in the near future, Honokage, and you have my wishes of good luck. You're going to need it.

With regards,
Skar Dovahkiin- Tsurukage"

After finishing the letter, I rolled the parchment up and placed it in a thin tube. In the morning, I would have an ANBU operative place a defensive seal on it, tie the tube to the back of a messenger hawk, and send it to its destination in Huoshangakure.

A frown fell upon my face as I stared out the window once again. This world, what was it coming to? I felt a dark moon rising. A moon of uneasiness, and a moon of uncertainty. A moon of violence, and a moon of dishonesty. A moon of what was to come in the distant future. A moon of war.



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Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: Re: Change in Management (All Kage)   Mon Sep 24, 2012 9:02 pm

A new day rises in Houshangakure. A Kage anew is troubled and the dark winds howl with uncertainty in the wake of his esteemed 'Era'. Letters would come in from Kage from nations, however, in Harikengakure, a greater power is felt when words from the source are made clear. I, Dominic Edrick, as Shiokage have always felt that actions speak louder than words, and that letters, were well, pointless. Among the sunrise of the new morning, an ANBU, one only worthy of the Shiokage, would appear in the window of the Honokage office. The headband of the Hurricane was clear, and as he stood there, he spoke to Toketsu. His voice was even more clear than the crest in which he represented for an entire nation.

Honokage of Houshangakure. I come on behalf of the Shiokage Dominic Edrick. He is disturbed to hear of the events that have transpired on behalf of Harikengakure, but he fears that the 'three' that you speak of may be more trouble than you can ever believe to think. He would like all the information you have from your investigation and even more so, to help with further assessment. If you decline, that is your peace, but if you accept, we will respond. He has assigned me to await your answer from a rendezvous point just outside your humble village..."

The ANBU would toss place his hand on his belt, clipping open a pouch and dropping an ever so small letter into his hand. He would toss it to the Honokage, looking further into the eyes of the new leader. The scorched winds would rustle the loose attire from the expert ANBU soldier and he would speak one final time.

"Those are the coordinates of my position. Do not attempt to ambush, for there is a set time in which I am to return to the Shiokage. For the sake of your already struggling nation, you do not need to make enemies...."

In true shinobi fashion, the ANBU would disperse from the window, leaving just as quick as he came. The Hariken ninja were the elite in the ninja world, and their techniques reflected it.