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Tokubetsu Jōnin

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PostSubject: Uragiri   Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:22 am

Name: Uragiri [ 裏切り - Betrayal ]
Type: Wakizashi // Blowgun // Darts
Quantity: 1 Wakizashi // 1 Blowgun // 40 Darts

Wakizashi - 24 inches overall, 16 inch blade that set into a wooden handle bound tightly in black silk for a tight grip even when wet. The blade is able to hack into flesh like a normal blade of its strength (that of steel caliber)

Blowgun - 14 inches. The blowgun is made of iron for the most part with the end where to dart is inserted (and where the user places their face to blow) being made of wood treated to be black and blend in with the rest seamlessly. The width of the hollow section of this blowgun is only a sixth of an inch, making it thin on the inside bu the outside 'padding' made up of a quarter inch of iron makes up for it in durability.

Darts - These darts are each 3 inches long and extremely thin, crafted to perfectly fit into the blowgun that comes in this set. They are made from iron and able to pierce deep into flesh, if fired from a distance of less than 20 feet they bury themselves completely into flesh when they hit it. At forty feet they pierce two inches, at fifty one inch. Fifty feet is the maximum range of these darts but the power and range can be altered with the use of ninjutsu (must be a created and paid for technique).

Abilities: n/a

Wakizashi - This weapon is rather durable for a sword without any chakra-based ability stored within it, being able to collide with other steel weapons and jutsu up to C rank before being broken by anything of a higher tier.

Blowgun - As one would expect this weapon is able to take a blow from a weapon also made of iron and D rank jutsu without breaking while things of a higher tier are able to snap it.

Darts - The darts being made of iron are not very durable which is why they are unable to cut into anything not as soft as human flesh. Were one to get their hands on these darts it would be simple to twist them out of shape and thus make them unable to be used properly with the blowgun.

History: The Akazunakage that came before Nahaji was a man of great stealth and secrets, though no longer constantly relying on use of shadows and ninja secrets after gaining his kage title he was once a great and feared user of these ancient arts even without the use of his kikaichu insects. Though almost never seen by his enemies he had only one weapon that he carried around, and since it had no name after he took it from a shinobi commander after completing an assassination mission as a spy he gave it one. Uragiri, betrayal. Years passed and eventually he was no longer able to do great battle, giving up his throne as kage to Nahaji and setting up this weapon in his home as a decoration. Eventually he passed on to the afterlife and this blade sat unused for nearly a decade until one day when his wife was growing worse in her illness and asked to be move to her home from the hospital so that she could spend her last hours with her family before she went to join her husband. The will that had remained hidden for all these years was requested and brought forth, it was at this point that to the disappointment of his fellow Aburame shinobi that his grandfather's blade was given to him as an inheritance. He has yet to use the blade in combat but still keeps it on his person at all times, blending it in with his black cloak when out on missions or within the folds of his clothing on normal day to day errands.


Mission Log:

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PostSubject: Re: Uragiri   Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:27 am

Ahhhhhh... *takes in a deep breath, followed by a sigh of relief* I haven't seen a sexy app like this in too long, my friend. I need to go over staff stuff more often. Well put together, realistic and not far fetched, and it just looks neat. Anyway, now that my eyes are done orgasming:

This looks good to me, so I'm going to approve it at 9000 Ryo. Normally it would be cheaper, but you're pairing two weapons together which makes it worth more. Its darts can also be combined with jutsu to be altered, which I think should also be a price factor. So like I said, I approve this for 9k, bearing in mind that you don't have kenjutsu as a spec, so unless this is a gift for someone else (which I doubt, due to the history of it), use it in moderation.


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Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: Re: Uragiri   Thu Sep 20, 2012 12:02 pm

Im at work so I can't really do this myself atm, but the blow darts would be perishable and need to be priced individually just as basic inventory and in bundle.