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 He Of The Forest WIP

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PostSubject: Re: He Of The Forest WIP   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:35 pm

We need to make a lot of things clear before you apply for this clan.

Firstly, if I'm reading this right, this clan is only for one man? Why make the clan then?

Secondly, you need remove the text from the color brackets. The red is only for the initial word (For example, "Description" should be red, not the actual description).

Thirdly, "Almost like Senju, except not." So you're saying it's almost wood release, but it's not? The way you described it is extremely vague. If you're trying to describe Nature Release (which exists in the canon), we'll need to discuss which two elements will make this advanced element. (I believe in the show that it's White Chi and Wood release, we'd have to attempt to format it to the limits of our site).



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Dominic Edrick
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PostSubject: Re: He Of The Forest WIP   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:36 pm

First, these clan apps need to be filled out correctly. The entire thing shouldn't be red.

Second, this should not be posted using this account. If your making a New clan, it should be under the account in charge of it. (Staff is an exception due to the heavy work load and only do so for canon clans that don't have a user attempting the clan.)

Last, the Senju Clan isn't even created here, so a custom wood release clan is a long shot.