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 Training Rules

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PostSubject: Training Rules   Tue Sep 11, 2012 2:03 am

To train make a topic and include the word "Training" in the description. To train a technique one will follow the guideline below and after approval the technique will be added and the discounted ryo amount removed from the who learned the technique.

Post Requirement(s):
D rank: 750 words
C rank: 1250 words
B rank: 2000 words
A rank: 3000 words
S rank: 5000 words

D rank: 50% off original jutsu cost
C rank: 50% off original jutsu cost
B rank: 40% off original jutsu cost
A rank: 40% off original jutsu cost
S rank: 30% off original jutsu cost

The top one is for users to fill out, and the bottom is for the staff member who moderates them.


[center][size=24][font=Georgia][color=#169354]Training Template[/color][/font][/size]

[font=Georgia][color=#169354]Jutsu Name:[/color][/font]
(Name of the jutsu you are training)

[font=Georgia][color=#169354]Person/People Training:[/color][/font]
(Name all the people training with you)

[font=Georgia][color=#169354]Rank of the Jutsu:[/color][/font]


[center]][size=24][font=Georgia][color=#169354]Moderator's Training Template[/color][/font][/size]

[font=Georgia][color=#169354]Who Trained:[/color][/font]
(Name who you moderated in the topic)
(Did they meet the post and word limits?)

(Are they approved, and if so, list the price)[/center]

Note: you are allowed to do solo training and can also do training topics to purchase techniques you have registed and had appoved in the jutsu shop before you buy it to get the discount price. Training the same technique multiple times however will NOT qualify you for multiple stacks of the discount on it.


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Training Rules
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