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 Dachou Ijouna

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Dachou Ijouna

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PostSubject: Dachou Ijouna   Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:03 pm

First Name: Dachou
Last Name: Ijouna
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 167 lbs
Age: 18
Birthday: April 22nd

Village: Hidden Forest
Rank: Genin
Elements: Lightning, Water, Earth
Specializations: Fuuinjutsu, Ijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu

Personality: Dachou is truly a genius in his own. His imagination is endless, as is his constant questioning of everything that happens. He enjoys proving his intelligence to whoever he can, however he can. He really wants to prove to people he has a use to the world, which is a big secret he holds close to him, and he shares with no one. He also tends to think aloud when trying to think of puzzles or such like that. But when channeling battle strategies or something, Dachou gives an eye of focus and strains himself to think of something.

Dachou seems cold and a bit patronizing on the outside, but he has a heart of cold. He doesn't trust letting people be close to him. He has a select amount of friends, most of which have been in an intense battle with him, and knows how he is. He relies on himself for most things, and almost never depends on others for things. His secretive, obnoxious outer shell hides away his interior of gold and kind attitude. He isn't very well with compliments and good words thrown at him, so he can't really compute well back with kind words of similar interest. Dachou tends to poke at peoples nerves and send taunting replies to them, just to get under peoples skin. But Dachou hates most of all when people dislike him, which is usually the case. When someone is hurt, or injured, and he is around to see it, he is usually quick to blame himself for not stopping it. But he never mopes around aloud. He strictly keeps it silent, to himself, letting it eat away at him. His tough guy exterior seldom breaks.

Dachous tough guy sense almost never breaks, unless under very few conditions. One of which are that there are snakes around. Dachou has a deathly fear of snakes, and basically any other reptile that looks like it. his fear of them stems out from an unknown point, and can't be traced by any specific event in his lifetime. WHen controlled by his fear, Dachou goes into an almost frozen state. He doesn't move unless physically forced to, or someone he loves is in danger.

Dachous tight friend circle is at most 3-4 people. He doesn't allow many to really get to know him. He is very secretive with his feelings, and when he is feeling something, his friends know how he reacts to it. They are the few people that can tell how he feels underneath his hard shell. He is pretty withdrawn in everything, except showing off. When time comes for anything, Dachou will voluntarily show off his skills, unless he feels the need to be incredibly lazy, which is most of the time. But when training, Dachou gets unnaturally emotional and ready, and he refuses to rest despite when everyone else is kneeling from exhaustion. Dachou doesn't believe in giving his body a break unless it gives itself one.

Dachou also is one for sarcasm. His answers are almost always sarcastic, and a bit condescending. He usually knows he is acting this way, but doesn't do anything to stop it. He is a very stubborn person, and sometimes won't change, even if it is for the better.
Likes: Despite what Dachou says, he really enjoys being in the company of other people. He has no idea how to really talk to people without sounding like a complete asshole. He is also a big lover of food, and can always be seen eating some sort of delicacies from the area he is currently in. Dachou also loves traveling. He is an avid Adventurer, and takes advantage of getaway trips to anywhere he can.
Dislikes: Dachou is a true hater of people who can't respect women. He won't tolerate men who just can't give a little respect and modesty towards women. He is a pretty modest person around females, and usually doesn't like it when they dress immodestly. He also doesn't tolerate kids. He has a hard time liking snotty-nosed, obnoxious demons that spawn from females who aren't to careful. Dachou also heavily dislikes Sour foods and any type of Wine or Beer.
Motivation: Dachous Motivation is to make his family and his ancestors proud of him, and to finally find a girl worth risking his life for. So far he doesn't find himself capable of doing either. He constantly will look up at the sky, almost in vain, just wanting to make sure his family is watching him, and he uses that as a belief meter, and a strength module. And the girls... that one is always on the mind of any teenage male. Dachou is just as hyped around girls as anyone else, but he just doesn't show it. He constantly will get to know girls pretty well, while not exposing much of himself, to make sure if she 'is the right one' usually it leaves him in a hurry leaving while the girl is looking confused while wrapped up in blankets.
Fears: Dachous biggest, worst fear is of snakes and other reptiles. This fear is unknown from where it stemmed from, but Dachou has always been completely frozen when in sight of them. He also fears having no friends in his life to help him.

Clan Name Here

Bloodline Ability:
Clan History:

History: Born into a relatively unknown family, Dachou was the youngest of four children. His parents were pretty solitary in their living, and would constantly leave him to the care of his siblings. The boy wasn't anything special in his youth. He was a mildly happy child, not really observant of the fact that his parents ignored him, his siblings more than enough to him. He had one older sister, and two twin brothers, each a Jounin in their own respect.

As Dachou grew older, he became more aware of his surroundings, and began yearning for his parents approval. But Dachous parents soon vanished, leaving no trace to him in his eyes. His sister and brothers would hush themselves whenever he came into a room with them, to protect him, but he thought negatively. That was the beginning of Dachous sudden downfall of trust. He was around 18 at the time he wanted to be a ninja. His ideals were simple; know what happened to his parents, become leader of the village, destroy vegetables. Simple thoughts for a simple mind.

Dachou would constantly flunk out of Ninja school. Eventually, his siblings would get tired of his acts, and not allow him to sign up once again for the school. He wouldn't be allowed to join again. This urged Dachou to get even more angry, and he set out to get into the school, doing anything. Sneaking in, breaking in, booby traps, anything. But he wasn't allowed by his sister. Finally, though, after careful consideration, Dachous brother set him up to be taught the following year, without consulting the others. This made Dachou elated, and he never forgot it. This time, he passed, if just barely, and was officially a Genin.

He was ecstatic with the fact that he made Genin, and flaunted it about the house with his family. Soon, they began to part, slowly. His brothers each married women, and each have lives of their own in the village somewhere. They were constantly busy, so Dachou never had a true chance to reconcile with them and catch up. His sister, though, is still single, and they live together, still caring for each other immensely.

As the years as a Genin passed, he gained an advanced knowledge of his surroundings, and now wanted more then before. He aimed to be a Chuunin now. He wasn't very sharpened in his battling skills, but still tested into them, and he completely and utterly failed. He didn't even make it to the semifinals. He was brought down by that fact, and aimed to try harder next time he signed up. Now, he still trains, his cold, calculating mind intense.

RP Sample: Etai sped up the trail to Mt. Myria. Being the eccentric, Jounin 11 year old he was, he was always hyped and ready to play. His mind was always on games, and treated fighting like it was nothing. His cloak flew in the wind, waving madly in the fierce wind that tore at Etais hair and body. Despite this, he was still running fast, something that came with the gift of being an Edrick. He grinned and slowed down once he reached the peak of the mountain.

Etai would look above the village, surveying everything, making sure everyone and everything was alright. Despite his young age and unstable mind, he knew his responsibilities as one of the Top Dogs of his Village, and he took it seriously, or tried to. He looked out into the ocean, and noticed a rather large Hurricane rolling over the earth, making its way over the ocean. He'd have to alert Dom and the other higher ups.

Pulling his white light Chakra Sabre, he began fiddling with the blade, cutting strips off his light blue T shirt and his kakhi shorts.

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Dachou Ijouna

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PostSubject: Re: Dachou Ijouna   Sat Sep 22, 2012 5:15 pm

Completion Bump, I believe. Correct me if Incomplete, friends.
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PostSubject: Re: Dachou Ijouna   Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:14 pm

Ok, I believe that Ice and Storm as elements are being over picked. Almost 75% of the members on this site that are new have picked it, including two clans. So you may want to go another route...