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 Village Restrictions

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PostSubject: Village Restrictions   Village Restrictions I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2012 5:49 am

With the recent rapid rise in new members we have had many new characters created and approved but or the most part they seem to be gravitating towards certain villages. Normally that is perfectly fine but at this rate we run into the danger of finding the same problem this site's admins have seen on the last few sites they have been on where one village has 15 members in it while all the others are stuck at 1-3 and cant do much of anything RP or plot wise. For this reason a list will be added that will be updated as we need to to show which villages need members and which dont.

Storm - In need

Hurricane - Closed

Oasis - In major need

Volcano - In need

Forest - In need

Tundra - In major need

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Village Restrictions
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