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 Rouge Genin? [Mission]

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PostSubject: Rouge Genin? [Mission]   Rouge Genin? [Mission] I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2012 5:58 pm

It seems that not everyone was happy with how things were going. In fact, three Gennin in particular were very distressed. Hanatoro Mabuki was one of them. He was 20 years old, a bit old for a gennin. Perhaps that is why he was trying to escape the village. Regardless, the blue haired man turned his teal eyes on his comrades. His aze took in Momoko Uzashi and Daisuke Mamoru.

Momoko was a young girl, just blossoming into her future beauty. She was 15 years old, too young for anything, but old enough to begin her journey. She had short red hair that she kept in a bobtail. She wore a red shirt, a dark blue shirt and black boots. She seemed to lack a lot of key muscles that would identify her as someone physically strong, like Hanatoro did.

Daisuke was a gennin like the other two. He had dark green hair and brown eyes. He seemed to not give a fuck, and had multiple piercings on his face. His arms were crossed as he stood there in all black, listening to Hanatoro go on about leaving this dump behind.

"No longer will we tolerate this hell-hole! This place is dead to us, my friends! DEAD! We're too strong to be tolerated here. They don't appreciate our talents."

Momoko looked around hesitantly, shy and afraid, "I know we're strong, but is this really a good idea?" she asked, her hands shaking slightly.

It looked like Daisuke was going to reply, but was unable to as suddenly, a voice rang out from behind them by the shore. "No, it's really not. You see, missing nin doesn't really look good on your resume."

Indeed, Tenshi Uchiha was there. He smirked at the three Gennin who jumped back, using the water walking ability to stay up on the river as they each drew weapons. Hanatoro had a katana. Momoko had senbon. Daisuke had a kunai.

Nalago was ready for them all. While they had been talking, he had been preparing a jutsu...

"Fire Release: Grand Fireball Jutsu!" Tenshi bellowed, his hands finishing the seals as a ball of roaring fire engulfed the area where the three Gennin previously were. They had obviously umped away from the fire. Well, they TRIED to. Daisuke was just a little too slow.

"GWAAAAH!" he cried out, grabbing his scorched leg. Tears crept into his eyes as steam entered everywhere. The steam came into effect due to the fire hitting the water. The river put out the fire, but vision was near useless now! Still, Daisuke's injuries wouldn't last long as Momoko bounded over to him. She knelt down and soothed his wounds as her hands glowed green. Slowly, his burn went away.

Tenshi would have stopped this, but he was currently engaging Hanatoro in taijutsu. Hanatoro had his katana out, swinging at Tenshi in the limited visuality. Tenshi kept dodging by the skin of his teeth, before he finally got tired of it and bull-rushed Hanatoro. This suprised the man, and he was tackled. Tenshi ended it with a well-placed smack to the face. Hanatoro wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

Now, he needed to deal with the girl. Medical jutsu could be a pain in the ass. Luckily, she seemed weak. Nakago stormed over, using Hanatoro's katana like a shield, holding it up and deflecting the senbon she was throwing. He wasn't perfect at this, though. He had no clue how to use a sword, but he was still doing a decet job of defending as he ran over to her. He only took about 10 senbon to his body, and in non-vital areas. Still, they'd be a bitch to pull out later. Daisuke was still dazed as Tenshi grabbed Momoko's face, dragged her down and curb stomped her face. He then proceeded to kick Daisuke's in the side of his head.

Just like that, the mission was over. The three gennin just weren't prepared for Tenshi. Smirking, he went over and got seaweed to make a rope and began to drag them back to the village. This mission was a success.

He would drag them all the way back and deposit them where needed. This mission was officially done.
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Rouge Genin? [Mission]
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