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 Arm Cannon

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PostSubject: Arm Cannon   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:52 pm

Name: Arm Cannon
Type: Hand/Cannon Blaster
Quantity: 1
Description: An intricately designed blue mechanical hand. This hand can serve almost the same functions that a regular hand can, except for the fact that it is a cold piece of metal. It has no blood circulation, so therefore, it is almost always cold, unless sun will directly hit it, in which it will slowly heat up.. It has the regular properties of an regular metal object. It is originally crafted out of titanium with traces of crystals embedded in its skeleton and skin. Etai usually has a black leather glove over it to protect it from the sun. The hand is placed from his elbow, up.
Abilities: When it is fixed into cannon mode, it has the ability to shoot a Raiton ball about the size of a baskbetball from it. The Ball takes about two posts to charge, and deals severe third degree electrical burns to anyone it directly touches, along with paralyzation of the body part it hit. It causes also an explosion that take down a 1 story building if hit in the right place. If at a maximum of two meters away from the shot, you will receive second degree burns. Anywhere else within the explosion that ranges at 30 meters gets a first degree electrical burn. The cannon can also shoot a laser that lasts for a maximum of 4 posts is charged for 1 post. It is not as powerful as the Volt ball, but it can still cause second degree burns.
Durability: The hand itself can stand up to A-Rank Taijutsu, Two B-Rank Katon jutsus, or two A-Rank Doton Jutsus.
History: After thinking he needed something to boost up his strength and awesomeness, Etai decided to invest to permanently crippling his arm and cutting it off, before having the Village weaponsmith create him a new arm, one that can help him fight, and channel some jutsus through it. After a while, his wish was granted, and Etai has gladly purchased this cannon for his own various purposes.


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Arm Cannon
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