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 Rise of the Horned King

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PostSubject: Rise of the Horned King   Rise of the Horned King I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 2:59 pm

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From a world long before the very first breath of our ancestors existed a great kingdom that was divided and chaotic, all that changed when one brave knight slew the corrupt king and claimed the throne for himself. For decades his rule went on without question and he served as a just king that was beloved by all of his subjects however like all mortal men he approached the hour of his death and without a proper heir to ensure the safety of his realm he sought out any means possible to extend his stay on the mortal plane. For a time basic medicine worked but it made his body limp and frail, sensing his weakness three more corrupt knights that had been cast aside by the wise king plotted against him. This revolt was halted however by information of it coming to the king's loyal subjects that slew the men before they got more than a few dozen feet within the walls of the keep. Years passed and once again the inevitable came about but the king was still not ready to die, he had grown bitter in his eternal pain and exiled his doctors to the wastelands for failing him. He exhausted every path he could until his court wizard approached him with a more 'arcane' approach to solving his problem. He suggested that, with permission, he would cast a spell on him that would remove his soul from his body and allow him to live on until a suitable new body could be found. The idea of something so satanic disturbed the king and he instantly denied the possibility, but as every other bridge was burned and he was left with no other option of any kind the wizard was called to his bedside to perform the procedure. The spell was cast and the soul of the great king was stored in the only precious item he could connect to on such an intimate level, the elk skin helmet he had worn into battle for nearly a decade. Not long after the spell was cast though the kingdom to the north invaded, fed information by the traitorous wizard that took the finest general in the world out of the picture in exchange for a claim to land when the deed was done. Unable to die the rival kingdom's chief wore his helmet as he went on conquest and slaughtered all of his people down to the very last child and dog. After that the helmet placed onto the skeleton of the soul's former body which was hung on display in the great hall, through sheer magical force never explained the soul bound once more to the rotten corpse and took on an unholy re-life. With his unbreakable body the vengeful king slaughtered the new court of traitors and mourned his kingdom in the guilt of his largest and most costly mistake. After centuries of defending his home and finding he could truly never die by the hands of such unskilled warriors he turned to the dark arts that turned him into the monster he now lived as. With enough knowledge he practiced and was able to breathe life into those he had failed however now he was not the just king they remembered like they were no longer the cheerful people he had led for so many years. Now a power hungry and blood thirsty warrior king he raised the three knights who so long ago attempted to murder him as his new generals and led his skeletal armies into battle until one day after most of the world was left in ruins they all just faded from existence.

Recently there have been freezing winds rolling in from the far north where the last known conquest of these demonic creatures was said to have been halted by unknown means of luck and chance. Rumors of creatures roaming the snow covered plains in search of something have spread across the globe but in the last few days these reports have changed from them looking mindlessly to the army assembling into one area, a forgotten keep with god knows what inside. Whatever these beasts were looking for they found it and it won't be pleasant for the rest of the world if it turns out to be that which we all fear.

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Rise of the Horned King
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