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 Baby sitting the filthy rich

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PostSubject: Baby sitting the filthy rich   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:04 pm

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Story: A rich couple are going off for a holiday to celebrate their anniversary. Meanwhile their kids are left under the care of ?????. Well anyone who wants the money. This is a fairly simple job in which all you do is look over spoiled kids and tend to their every need. So simple right? Hey, money is money. Hey be sure not to kill the kids though no matter what they may do.
Description: Post the topic labeled “BabySitting: (and the name of the kids)”. Rp your babysitting experience from the morning you wake up to the moment you leave the house to report a mission success. This topic must be at least 400 words minimum. You can complete this all in one post or multiple posts, but if done in multiple posts each post must be 100 words minimum.


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Baby sitting the filthy rich
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