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 The Legion

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PostSubject: The Legion   Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:06 am

Rank: A
Reward: 9,500 Ryo
Story: ~With the thriving of ones village there will always be ones that threaten the peace of the land~ A few wandering ninja, who have been self trained, have banned together under one banner. The group has named themselves The Legion (Cheesy right?) they are already up to 34 members strong and counting. The group seeks to claim the hidden Tundra as their own believing that it is an minor village so they may use it as their first base of operations but little do they know the Tundra is one village you do not "Claim" easily.
--This mission has two parts that the ninja may partake in (Scouting and Reporting/ Discussion and confrontation)--


  • ~You accompanied by a partner (Required) are to find the Legions camp site and gather as much intel as possible this includes their ranks, their numbers, their amount of weapons, and so on and so forth~
  • ~ After enough intel has been gathered you are to report to the kage and come up with a plan of action~
  • ~Each post must have a minimum of 250 words~
  • ~The topic should have at least 6 post from each participant before you can report to the kage~

-- Confrontation --

  • --You Accompanied by a partner (Required) are to formulate a plan and take on the Legion and remove at least 10 members from the picture--
  • -- They may be captured or killed --
  • -- Minimum of 220 words per post --


Credit goes to Takeshi
The Burning Light
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The Legion
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