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 Syn Ookami (WIP)

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PostSubject: Syn Ookami (WIP)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:50 am

First Name: Syn
Last Name: Ookami
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 19
Birthday: October 28th

Village: None
Rank: C rank
Elements: Fire Wind Lightning
Specializations: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Weaponry, Genjutsu

Personality: Impulsive
Dislikes: Felines


Bloodline: Lycanthropy
Bloodline Ability: An Ookami is said to be half-wolf, half-human, and the debate is whether they are humans who have achieved wolf form, or wolves who have ascended to a human form. Whatever it is, an Ookami can utilize the power of their wolf-half to unleash devastating and destructive attack. Once an Ookami begins to charge chakra, their eyes change into the corresponding maturity level, a sure sign of an attack. An Ookami is a master of both Taijutsu and Katon, those who have mastered the clan can have a different colored flame, from pure white to jet black and everything in between.

As an Ookami grows, their wolf-half and human-half become more intertwined, until they are one. An attacking Ookami's mastery of their clan can be measured by their eyes:

Mollis Ictus (D-Rank)

A young pup, one who has just begun to delve into the powers of their blood. The Ookami has a strong and almost irresistible urge to explore. Their senses are high, able to hear sounds most can't, and even smell opponents, but it is not refined. The young Ookami can pin-point the exact location of anything in a 30 yard radius, and can track anything that is a mile away.

Durus Acer (B-Rank)

An experienced wolf, yet they are still young in the Ookami philosophy on their half-forms. Their body is trained, but their mind is soft. They need to meditate on themselves, under the watchful eye of the Full Moon. The senses are more finite, and now they are able to pin-point a scent and sound easy, even able to do it through smoke screens. The Ookami can pin-point any sound or scent in a 60 yard radius, and can track anything that is 3 miles away. An Ookami also gains the ability to sense chakra by smelling it out and can use it to tell whether an opponent is charging chakra, but cannot use it to find an opponent.

Purus Ferus (S-Rank)

A Master of the blood, a Pure Wolf. Their mind and body are in one, as our their wolf-half and human-half, in fact it is impossible to tell the difference. There senses are perfect, their speed and style are amazing: They are a true Ookami. They can pin-point an exact scent or sound 120 yard radius, and can track any scent no matter the distance as long as it has been less than a week since the scent was placed. The chakra sensing increases, able to distinguish chakras and pinpoint an opponent only using chakra in the same radius.

Another ability of the Ookami is its connection to the Moon. During a a Full Moon an Ookami's wolf-half seem to become excited, coursing through their body and for the day of the Full Moon the Ookami's stats are all increased by 40%. However, during a new moon the Ookami's wolf-half recedes, taking away all stat increases and reduce them by 40%.
Location: Origins found in Morigakure
Clan History: It started long ago, in a small camp site deep in the forests of Morigakure. A young couple had just concevied their first child, but it was grim. He was born sick, weak, frail. The couple went to every doctor in the village, yet none could help. The couple lost hope, and laid him to sleep. They watched everyday, and night, waiting for the time to come, when their child would soon die. On the day when the parents knew the time would come, a small white wolf came into the house. The father, weak with greif, didn't do anything to it. the wolf came up to the child, their parents doing nothing. The white wolf looked into the childs eyes, and in a flash of bright light the wolf was gone, the child awake and healthy. the parents could not believe what happened, a miracle. The child smiled, and the mother noticed his teeth were sharper. years went on, and the boy kept changing. When he was 10, his eyes became wild. At 13, a tail grew, and at 18 wolf ears. by 21, we could turn into a wolf. His parent were always proud of him, as he excelled in everything. From running, to fighting. He married, and had a child. He two, was born with the wolven features. Time passed, more people with the wolf in them sprang. Though they had diffrent elements, they decided to band together to make a clan. They decided to name the clan the Ookami clan, after the wolf who started it.


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Syn Ookami (WIP)
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