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 Helping the Elderly [Mission]

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Muteki Ryoku
Muteki Ryoku

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PostSubject: Helping the Elderly [Mission]   Helping the Elderly [Mission] I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 11, 2012 10:49 am

"Cock a doo do doo" the loud sound of a rooster echoed out. Ryoku found himself lazily laying half way off the bed, with a drip of slobber falling from his mouth that had been creating a small slobber puddle. His eyes were shut, and his hands were tucked into his sky blue pajama shirt as the sleeves fell helplessly over the edge of the bed. Ryoku's blankets were at the end of the bed as well, but almost all of them were stacked on the ground; Which made Ryoku have no covers on his own body. The breeze of the astonishing hot air that passed by the open window to his bed room. This heat fueled up by a dragon's heart. Ryoku's house was next to the "Dragon's Breath Cavern", and over top of the village; A very warm place without any type of engine or machine to power up their house.

Ryoku yawned, and snuggled his face back into the white pillow that his head had been resting on. "I just want to stay asleep with no one interrupting me ugh!" shouted Ryoku as someone repeatedly knocked on his door. The bang had sounded similar to his mothers small hands. It must had to be her. "Ryoku come from out of their, you have a mission to do and you laying down when you need to go help that poor old lady out their". His mother banged onto the door one more time before she stopped.

"About time"

The door knob began to wiggle, and a clicking sound was heard throughout the other side of the door. It was his mom again, but this time she was using the house key to get into his door. Ryoku had no way to escape, and didn't want to wake up from his sleep so he decided to lay their until she broke in. It took her about twenty minutes before she had finally broke in. When she broke in, she threw a green bag of clothing on top of Ryoku, and a mission note. "Get up and get dress, I appointed you to your first mission" said Ryoku's mother.
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Helping the Elderly [Mission]
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