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 [Ai Takahashi / Inventory]

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Ai Takahashi
Ai Takahashi

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PostSubject: [Ai Takahashi / Inventory]   [Ai Takahashi / Inventory] I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 2:07 am


Name: Kyujustsu Yumi

Type: Bow

Quantity: 1

Description: Traditional bamboo Kyujutsu long bow with custom modifications for durability. Bow length is 6' slightly taller than Ai herself (as is traditional for a Kyujutsu Yumi). The natural cream color of the bamboo is most prevalent, but the darker browns of the reinforcement wood are also visible. The bow has a range of 100 yards (further than a traditional Yumi, due to the reinforcement) and has 15 arrows per topic. The wood reinforcement allows the bow to be unstrung and used as a makeshift staff for close combat, however, it is still subject to breaking as this is not its intended use. The bow, when unstrung and used in this fashion, would be capable of blocking or striking an unarmed opponent or an opponent with small weapons (kunai/shuriken) without suffering damage. However, an actual staff or sword could break the bow if it was struck with one.

Abilities: None

Durability: Bow is made of bamboo wood and reinforced with leather and pine for stronger than normal durability. The bow can still be split by direct strikes from swords or a strong strike from a staff. If it were bent back enough, the bow could break in half, but this would take a considerable amount of force.

History: As Ai struggled in the academy with her weak Taijutsu, the other students quickly excelled past her. She began to become discouraged, thinking that she would never be able to compete with her classmates. When it was discovered by her instructors, though, that Ai's taijutsu was weak, they presented her with a bow and arrow set to help her keep her distance, thereby leveling the playing field. Using it to her advantage, Ai was able to finally compete with the other students and eventually graduated the academy. Afterward, Ai custom fit the bow with reinforced wood to suit her individual needs and has carried it with her ever since.


Name: Kyujustsu Arrows

Type: Arrows

Quantity: 15 per topic

Description: Kyujutsu arrows are traditional bamboo arrows with iron tips. The arrows are capable of penetrating human flesh and leather armor, but would bounce off anything stronger. Arrows launched from the bow will fly at 70 feet per second.

Abilities: None

Durability: The arrows are simple bamboo arrows and they can be broken simply by being bent to far by a person. They will stick in wood without breaking, but would snap should they contact metal.

History: These are normal arrows that Ai has used with the bow since she received it.


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[Ai Takahashi / Inventory]
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