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 Fetching Pure Grain Sand.

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Nahaji Sankuro
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PostSubject: Fetching Pure Grain Sand.   Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:29 pm

Mission Title Fetching Pure Grain Sand.

Rank: D

Reward: 2500 ryo

Story: The oasis in the heart of the city holds true to filter out the best possible minerals to make glass with. Just on the edge of the shore of this giant oasis lays white grain sand. This sand is used by our people to make exotic glass figurines and other glass items so that our village can maintain it's marble stature within the land of economics.

Description: You are to go to this oasis and in a 3 post topic you are to explain in each post within 200 words how you managed to gather the sand and bring it back to the factories. This is a fairly easy mission and can be done multiple times if necessary. You are to make your topic in the oasis area and it's to be titled [Mission] Fetching Pure Grain Sand. Report back here with a link to show that you have completed your 3 posts of 200 words each, and that you effectively grasped the sand and brought it to the factories.

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Fetching Pure Grain Sand.
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