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 Keep Your Mouths Shut.

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PostSubject: Keep Your Mouths Shut.   Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:13 pm

There was recently a dispute about copyrighted material being used on another site, and also a Hacker threat to our own site from one of that sites members. When you hear of information like this, DO NOT TAKE THESE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS. You are to PM an ADMINISTRATOR and we will handle these kinds of situations. DO NOT go into the opposing forum and argue with other members and counter threat hacks with one another, not only is that not professional, but it puts us in a position to where we ourselves can get into trouble and have our site shut down. We are Naruto Savage Lands, so we need to focus solely on Naruto Savage Lands. DO NOT speak ill towards another forum in the Chatbox, nor go to that other forum and spam their Chatbox with delinquent messages. DO NOT flood either forum with hate messages or spam because you seemingly have a grudge against somebody on that site. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, DO NOT DRAG THE NARUTO SAVAGE LANDS NAME INTO ANY ARGUMENT THAT YOU HAVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. WHAT PROBLEMS YOU HAVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE ARE YOUR OWN PERSONAL BUSINESS, NOT OURS.

With that said, follow the rules and keep this place friendly and welcome.
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Keep Your Mouths Shut.
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