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 Hōzuki, Drake [Jounin; Done]

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Drake Hōzuki
Drake Hōzuki

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PostSubject: Hōzuki, Drake [Jounin; Done]   Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:06 pm

First Name: Drake
Last Name: Taito
Gender: Male
Height: 167 CM / 5'3
Weight: 53 Kilograms / 116 Pounds
Age: Drake rather appears to be 17 year old looking, whilst he's emotionally 21 and mentally 20. His true age though, would be 16 years old. Drake has his old-like appearance from his father. Who was nearly the same at his age.
Birthday: Drake was born on the 6th of December.

Village: Huoshangakure
Rank: Jounin
Elements: Fire, Lightning and Water
Primary; Ninjutsu, Secondary; Ijutsu, Tertiary; Taijutsu, Quaternary; Genjutsu

Personality: Drake is rather a laid back person. He doesn't care that much about the likes of others. He is mostly calm and has quick and short responses to those who he would know that would talk allot. He is well verbose, if given the opportunity and the time. Drake is extremely patient. He is well mannered and tends to help out animals. He likes animals, allot. He likes nature, quietness and melancholy. It is rather unknown why he does likes those things. Perhaps it's because they just simply give off peace. Drake is extremely intelligent for his age. People could consider him a genius but they don't, there's a reason for this. Drake keeps his intelligence bottled up inside and doesn't 'show off'. He just thinks in his mind, not out loud. When he believes the situation is too off to say something, he will just shut up. He holds great respect for his elders and the higher ups.

Drake has great natural charisma. He got this from his father. He is often rather gloomy and distorting. He has great knowledge over psychological aspects and can manipulate a person when he wants to. He looks at the movements of a person when talking, so after many times of talking with this person he would eventually know when they lie, and mostly know their motives. Drake smiles allot, and talks often non verbally. His stare is dark and evil. His stare gives the people who's being stared the sensation of their soul being watched. As if every inch they move is being analyzed by him. Drake knows this and stares at rare occasions. Drake doesn't care much for battle. He prefers healing those whom are injured in it. Some say he might be an pacifist, those people are probably right. But he doesn't care how people think about him.

The man known as Drake usually travels in silence, peace and calmness. Drake is skilled in sleeping, he can sleep with his eyes open, though only when he's very tired. Further then this, he likes to dream. Drake's favorite animal is an panther. Their vicious eyes, with the combination of black fur pokes his interest. Besides, the vicious teeth that they have is also interesting.

Likes: Like mentioned in the personality of Drake, he likes animals. He likes being in nature and travel at times. Drake is a sweet tooth and likes things that are sweet (obviously) like chocolate, candy etc. Drake has a thing for water. There are many other drinks out in the open world but he prefers water over anything. The sensation of gulping it down is epic, for him, that is. Drake like's being quiet and silent when he pleases to.

Dislikes: There are many things that Drake dislikes, to put them in a list, the thing that bothers him the most would be people who ask the most obvious questions. Drake tends to react sarcastically to this. Even though people hate it when he does, he plainly smiles. Drake also dislikes it when someone very sad and down about life tries to convince him that life is the way he thinks it. He very much dislikes hot headed people and tends to play with them.

Motivation: Drake doesn't have that many motivation. Besides his liking for animal and his will to see them he doesn't have much else. His motivation mainly is nearly everything that's included in his likes. Such as, water and sweet food.

Fears: Drake has many fears but most of them are unknown to people around him and himself. He rather ignores those fears. A few major fears of Drake are; afraid of heights, fear of redemption and his fear of blindness. Most of Drake's fears are normal or rather average, he doesn't have a fear that really stands out from the rest. Though, redemption stands out the most. He's obsessed with guilt and redemption would be terrifying for him, since he lives on the guilt he has gained trough his life. If he would get his redemption he would lose many motives to remain alive.

Hōzuki Clan

Bloodline: Hydrification Technique
Bloodline Ability: The members of this clan possesses the ability to turn their bodies into a liquid form using the Hydrification Technique. This ability however seems to require that they stay hydrated at all times and as such at least two known members are known to carry water bottles around with them.

By liquefying the whole body at will, this technique makes it impossible to receive damage from physical attacks. From a single hair to the skin and muscles, everything can be liquefied and solidified at will. Be it to evade an enemy's attack during a short range battle, to infiltrate a structure, or to launch a surprise attack in a liquefied state, this technique boasts a high strategic value. Using this, the user can also re-shape their body parts for suitable situations.

The only way to contain a user of this technique is to lock them up in an airtight container so they cannot move about. When the user passes out, they turn into a jelly-like state. Since this technique turns the body into water, the user is vulnerable to lightning techniques.
Location: Spread
Clan History: There's little known about the Hozuki. The clan who's thought to be extinct is forgotten by many. Though, there are only a few of the Hozuki clan members surfacing the world at the present. The clan had a natural alignment since ages and are feared for their Kekkei Genkai. The clan though, is known to be located near village's with many water sources. Like rivers and such. But now, it's spread since most of the member decided to travel around the world. Though, there was once a book released about the history of the extinct clan. This book has been lost due to certain bombing.

~The Saga~
Drake was born on the 6th of December. The mood of the day was rather cold and peaceful. It was odd to have such a combination for moods in the village known as Huoshangakure. It stands for, village hidden in the Volcano. The ash was slowly falling to the solid ground today. It was unusual, since it was going on a certain speed, like a rhythm. Trough tough history it's rare and unusual that this sort of thing happens. It has little relation with Drake's birth though. Citizens were watching the ash fall slowly as Drake was finally born. The labor took long which put a immense stress on his mother. Drake's mother shortly died after his birth. Drake never got to know his mother. His father, was in a foreign country and wasn't even aware that Drake's mother was pregnant at the time. He was there for a really long while now. Rather over a year.

The night was approaching as Drake was put in an orphanage for babies. A sudden shadow appeared within the vicinity of the orphanage. This shadow watched over him. From now on, that is. Drake never figured out who the person was who was watching over him as a baby. It was rather a mystery. Trough the years Drake spent his days on many orphanages. And when he finally turned 4 he got into a foster home. The Foster Home he went into was a brutal one, with much violence and physical abuse of young children. Drake's personality changed majorly when he was in this foster home. He never really liked anyone. Trough the physical abuse he went trough made him prefer sarcasm at a young age. Which is unusual, since it usually happens when children become rather more like an teenager.

Drake was prominent and very intelligent whilst being a little child. He was pretty short for his age. Drake didn't have grand dreams or ambitions like most children had. Nor would he have an idea what to do later in his life. Though, he did have a plan going on inside his mind at the moment, get out of this foster home.

~A Young Warrior~
It was rather an cold Thursday morning. The sun was high, the clouds were black. The village was quiet and calm. Slightly. The sounds of the still erupting volcano normal. Aside from all of this Drake went out today. He was all alone. He was thinking of what to do with his life later on. As his mind was troubled some of the villagers were gazing at him. Drake felt a odd sensation from behind. As if he was being watched. He wasn't sure whom or what was watching him. He knew someone was watching over him for a while now but this time it was a bit different. He was on the middle of the street standing still looking calmly at the end of the street. The street was rather deserted and calm. There weren't many civilians at home so it'd appear like a ghost street. This made him scared a bit. Drake bent over and grabbed a pebble. He felt the sensation again from an alley in the street. He threw his pebble as hard as he could. The young child didn't have enough strength to throw it hard but he heard the pebble touching the walls of the end of the alley. Drake looked down and went home. He from that moment on was more on his guard then normally.

~The Truth~
Drake was starting to notice something odd about his body. Like his chakra paths were a bit odd and rather more 'violent' he wasn't sure to describe it but decided to go to an doctor one day. So he made his decision. Drake quickly hopped of bed and saw his foster parents. He tried asking them about it but they quickly made fun of him. Drake sighed and decided to give up on the idea. Perhaps he should figure it out himself. Drake went into the yard and sat in the middle of the yard in lotus form. As he was concentrating hard on the chakra inside of him he started dripping water. This was only the beginning.

Practicing this day after day Drake started to have more use to it. He began making parts of his body into water. Solid water one might say. He was able to control the movements of the water by moving around his arm. It was a nice trick. After a really long while, he mastered this technique. He went into a library to research this. After a while of searching he finally found the truth about this technique. It would seem that Drake is an descender from a extinct clan known as the Hokuzi. He took the book with him and bought it with the long saved money and read all about the Hokuzi's. Their way of life, their customs and their negative traits allong with their good one's. After a while, Drake made his conclusion. Using his power in a warm, volcanic village wasn't a great idea. So he trained himself to suppress it. After a while of trying to do this he succeeded.

~The Academy Saga~
Drake was 5 years old when he decided to join the Academy. He wanted to become a ninja to help others in need of help. He went into the academy and was known to be smart. Drake wasn't very excited whilst being in the Academy. He was socially down a bit. Not really depressed nor manic or something rather, melancholic all the time. People didn't like him much because of this. Drake's solitary grew a bit more as he aged. Drake did his Genin Exam on when he was 8 year old. It happened quickly and swiftly. Drake wasn't standing out much, aside from rumors from the higher ups sensing oddness about his chakra. It probably concerned his Hozuki Kekkei Genkai, maybe he didn't suppress it enough, or they just saw trough it. Drake grew a bit in length during the period he was in the academy. Though not that big. He still was a chibi to others.

~The Man known as Father~
The silence of the village was relaxing to Drake. He was chilling on the edge of a huge wall. His gaze going far into the horizon. Drake was slightly smiling as he saw a lamb with it's mother walking away from the village. The hot temperature probably turned them off. Whilst Drake was thinking of hugging those lambs he felt an odd sensation again. The one he felt when he was 4. He immediately stood up and looked around the area with killing intent in his eyes. He was sick of this feeling. Drake was on his guard as his gaze was inspecting everything around him. He then saw it. A tall man walking towards him. Ashes falling on his shoulders. His black and dark hair. His pale skin. It was all familiar. Yes, this man was his father. Drake though, didn't see it immediately. It looked like someone that looked extremely much like him.

The man smiled and flickered away. Drake still wonders who this was. Even though the similarity between their appearances his mind probably couldn't accept that it was his father. Though, every time he thinks about it the more he feels the connection between him and himself. The long and black hair, the white tips. That sort of hair was pretty rare in the ninja world. Drake heard tales about his father. Though there was little known about him. Nor did he consciously know his status in the ninja world. Drake probably wouldn't be that interested in him anyway. He abandoned his mother for more then years.

~The Genin Arc~
After graduating from the Academy Drake became a Genin. He was in education to become a chuunin. Though, become a chuunin would take Drake a long time. At least, that's what expected from any genin who just freshly graduated from the Academy Exam. Drake wasn't very excited nor held great pride in his rank. Many hyper-active like genin's were though. Drake became more solitary each day. He set him self off socially. When he turned 9 he finally left the foster home and decided to live in the wild. Though, there wasn't much wild around a volcano now was there? Drake was sad. Slightly. He still was optimistic though. Not sure what to do, where to stay he just wandered around.

As an Genin Drake trained his intelligence more by visiting the town's library every day to read some of the books that they own. He was enjoying reading old tale's about the past and his knowledge grew by this. Fun and educating, one would say. Drake holds great respect for books to this very moment. He then figured out his life goal. Helping others achieving their goals and aiding them in it. Nothing more nothing less. In order to do this Drake would need to expand his knowledge of assisting people in combat more. He wasn't a great fighter so he decided to train some medical jutsus a bit. He preferred to fix wounds instead of making them. Drake began to grow more deep as he was growing up a bit more. He was 15 when he decided to participate in the Chuunin Exam.

~Rivalries between friends~
Drake was 14 and still training, reading and whatnot. He was doing what not many teenagers did around his time. Spending his time studying, training and polishing his skills. It was new for him to meet a person who did the same. He spent time with this person. This person was known as Akira. He had a hard and though past like himself. This person too was a bit lonely like Drake. They were fit for each other. However. They didn't become great friends. They were bickering more then hanging around. Perhaps somewhere they were good friends. For the time, they just were rivals to each other. Challenging each other's knowledge over history every time they meet.

Drake swore to become a Chuunin earlier then Akira. And so did he. The probably eternal rivals trained their skills in combat to do good in the Chuunin exam. Drake trained nearly for a full year and became a fine young man. His Ninjutsu was top class for Genin.

~The Chuunin Arc~
Drake finally became a Chuunin, whilst being 15 year old it was unusual. His expertise in medical jutsu and ninjutsu was known over the village. Drake disliked being an chuunin and wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Drake trained some more. The thing he disliked the most about being a Chuunin is that you have to operate in teams of 3. He disliked this about being a genin too, though, you get an sensei along. Drake was satisfied with one thing though. He had beaten his rival, Akira in ranking up. Akira graduated Chuunin the next year. But, Drake was one step ahead of him yet again. Akira was angry in a good way. Their rivalry motivated them both to become fine shinobi's.

~The unforgettable evening~
The hot steaming ash was spreading trough the village as Drake sat on top of a large tower. Gazing out to the horizon like he used to. It was reaching 5 PM as 2 ANBU officers flickered behind him and sat on their knee's. Drake turned around and looked at them. "Erm, is there something I can help you guys with?" He kindly asked unknowing what their motives were. The ANBU's were quiet for a momentum. "Hozuki, Drake?" They firmly asked. Drake nodded and scratched his arm. "Akira has died in action, on a mission, yesterday. He was protecting his village and managed to save his chuunin team. You were on his contact list, nobody else besides you were." Drake looked at the ground.

"I see..." His emotions were troubled. Unsure what to feel. He crossed his arms and showed his back to the ANBU officers. "Anything else?" The ANBU officer was surprised by his reaction. "Yes, we're burying him tomorrow, if you'd like you-" Drake interrupted him, "No thank you." The ANBU officers then flickered away again. Drake sighed and shed a single tear. He then went to his apartment and laid on his bed as he stared at his ceiling. From that point on his personality rather became more melancholic. Drake never visited his grave nor came to his funeral.

~The beginning of the Jounin Arc~
Drake swiftly focused all his attention to books, ijutsu and ninjutsu. He started to read more about his kekkei genkai and had more knowledge over it after a while. Drake's hair grew more and the endings of it became white. He got an lip piercing and some ear jewelry. Drake was known trough the village as one of the youngest Jounins around. Only to be 16 he was a well Jounin already. The path of life was now open to him. His goals were set along with his thoughts and points of interest. His humor in sarcasm his liking into water and nature.

RP Sample: It was a scorching day in the village known for it's Volcano's. Drake woke up early today. Because, well, it was a special day. He wanted a special item. The village's library was getting new books in stock. In the list of new books there was one special book included. At least to him, it was about the history of the Hozuki clan. The history for the Hozuki was extremely rare and the books about them were either antique or lost. Drake has been purchasing so many books in the library that the owner decided to give him this one on the house. It wasn't very expensive. When Drake arrived he saw a few Ninja's deliver packages to the library. The owner took the boxes inside as Drake followed him. The owner softly opened the packages with his bare hands. There was a strange thing concealed in the package, an note;

We members of the Samurai have been reading the books of your library. All we've read about ourselves were things that weren't true. It mostly was meant propaganda anyway. It made many members of the Samurai lose morale, lose their dignity and their honor. It painted us bad and it gave most of the villagers a certain prejudicial feelings when ever they see one of us. This called out much anger for us. The Samurai. Thus hereby we present you, the ultimate gift. A bomb, when you've read this, you won't make it, and you'll die,

Bye bye,

The Samurai

When the owner had read the last sentence he looked into Drake's eyes with fear. "Run away!!!" He screamed out. Drake trusted his insticts and dashed backwards and flickered 2 meters away from the owner and the package. A sudden explosion came from the package which resulted in the death of the owner and huge and massive damage to the library. The library collapsed the next day. Drake was in the hospital for a few days after the incident and felt sorry for the owner. Though, Drake was slightly happy. He had supposed that the owner lived for his goals and dreams, to run a library. Drake was given a major portion of the books that survived the explosion. They all are in his personal library in his apartment at home at the moment.

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PostSubject: Re: Hōzuki, Drake [Jounin; Done]   Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:25 pm

I know this is a WIP but the forbidden city isn't a place people can register to, also you may have another specialization


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Drake Hōzuki
Drake Hōzuki

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PostSubject: Re: Hōzuki, Drake [Jounin; Done]   Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:39 pm

Completed, bump.
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PostSubject: Re: Hōzuki, Drake [Jounin; Done]   Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:51 pm

Not sure that clan will fly, but we will see when you register it. As for your character app. you seem to have the quality of jounin, however, your height and weight need to also be put in standard measurement. Some may not know metric.