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 Rain Catcher [mission]

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PostSubject: Rain Catcher [mission]   Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:26 pm

The black forest was one of Lag's favorite places in the village, though clearly sharing the culture and history that made his people famous it was a patch of nature in this otherwise all industrial society. He would come here at least once a week with or without a mission just to clear his head but today he had a job to do. He felt like his father was only giving him this job to keep him out of danger even if it was an official village mission, he might not really enjoy combat but he knew that the kage often spoke of him not being very efficient in a fight and wanted to prove him wrong. Today though he had to gather water to be processed and shipped to the hidden forest village. The giant bottle on his back was placed on the ground and he struggled with the lid until eventually it came off and moved it into position so that the water stream from above started slowly pouring into it to begin the long wait for it to fill. He leaned against a tree near by and watched as the steady stream splashed inside and disturbed the pool already starting to form, this would be long and boring but at least he would get paid and could get something to eat after.
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Rain Catcher [mission]
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