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PostSubject: Pets   Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:03 am

Rules for obtaining a pet

  • No one may have both a summoning scroll AND a pet at this time, this includes clans that have pets as a part of the clan's ability. This ruling is subject to change at the staff's digression.

  • If a member wishes to have a pet that will increase in ranked strength then they may only have one, however a member is allowed a maximum of two but they can not be ranked higher than D rank as a drawback. If you already own a pet and it is higher than D rank then you are not allowed to get a second pet unless that one dies.

    Rules for Pets

  • Species: Normally only domesticated animal species (cats, dogs, birds, fish, pigs...) and with some limitations (and a price increase) exotic animals (lions, tigers, bears). However we will not allow mythological creatures such as dragons and gargoyles to list a couple without DIRECT permission from the founders.

  • Elements: A pet gets one elemental affinity for fre upon purchase however a second element can be purchased as an upgrade (see price below). The absolute maximum limit for how many elements a pet can have is two.


  • Pets Base Price: 5,000 (15,000 for non-domestic/exotic animals)

  • Techniques, Equipment and other things will add to the cost as determined by the moderator that looks over the pet application

  • Second Element: 8000 Ryo

  • Upgrade Cost: Will of course depend on the upgrade itself as determined by a staff member

  • Rank of the Pet: A pet's potential rank is determined by how powerful it's master is, if the pet is owned by a Genin then their pet's maximum rank is D rank, a Chunin can have up to a C rank pet and so on. All pets start as D rank in the shop, though you are allowed to buy pets long after ou advance above genin you do not automatically get the higher rank for free. D rank is free though every rank above costs 5000 ryo each, a C rank costs 5000 a B rank is 10000 so on and so forth. A rank increase is able to be bought as a pet upgrade.


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