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 Creation Rebirth (Ijutsu)

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PostSubject: Creation Rebirth (Ijutsu)   Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:11 am

Name: Creation Rebirth
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: A
Type: Ijutsu
Element: None
Distance: Self
Description: The absolute pinnacle of medical ninjutsu, it is the ultimate regeneration technique. By releasing the great volume of chakra stored, the body's cell division is forcibly stimulated by proteins, reconstructing all organs and all tissues making up the human body. The technique itself does not regenerate the old cells, rather it hastens the creation of new ones through division. If this technique is used, a body whose vital organs are so gravely injured that it cannot bear it any longer will be instantly restored to its uninjured state. As long as the user has chakra it is impossible for her to die by any means, as such she gains a form of "immortality" throughout the duration of the technique.
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Creation Rebirth (Ijutsu)
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