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 Hayoa's Training Session

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PostSubject: Hayoa's Training Session   Hayoa's Training Session I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 21, 2012 9:41 pm

Early morning was a foot, and the mist was high within the Shinkiro River. It seemed as though I was set with the task of training an up and coming ninja within the village. Hayoa, the Uchiha within the ranks of my shinobi, had been having great success on his missions. Due to this, I granted him his one request. Who knew it would be wanting to tain with me? Regardless, I was by the shores of the Shinkiro, sitting in wait of his arrival.

The waters were still, but no sounds were made here. The peace and quiet was eerie, but it allowed to be able to hear any passerby coming through, even if they were sneaking. My eyes were closed and my Eagle Eye Compass (I-Guru Manako Rashinban) was active. I could sense the air flow for a good half mile, but no one would know it. I had one leg propped up, my left arm resting on my knee. I was still a bit tired from all of the sealing I did the day before, but an eager student awaited my skills. I would not disappoint.



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