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 Naruto Savage Lands: Maximum Potential Scale

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PostSubject: Naruto Savage Lands: Maximum Potential Scale   Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:39 pm

Welcome to the Maximum Potential Scale version of the forum. Here is where you will learn about just how capable you are at your rank through your maximum potential. At S Rank, you as a character will reach 100% of your maximum potential. Until then, you are merely a portion of your true self. An example would be: As you can see, it says a genin is 20% of their maximum potential. This means your not as strong as a chuunin, regardless of how hard you try. However, simple stat boosts will allow your potential to spike, possibly giving you what you need in order to maintain pace with your opponent or even surpassing it.

Now, as you can see, each of your specializations have percentages higher than your base potential. This means you excel in these fields, thus the reason for this higher figure. Once again, special supplementary boosts can help raise these figures to allow you to surpass a higher rank.

The base percentages ONLY apply to speed/reaction, strength, defense, and intelligence. These are the only stats being provided, nothing more.

As far as your specialization percentages, they only apply to techniques as a way to gauge how much more proficient you are in a field than the opponent you face. There is a breakdown for each.

Ninjutsu - If you are a genin with primary ninjutsu, and you face a genin with secondary ninjutsu, your probably thinking, how will this system work? Ninjutsu will be the hardest of these to gauge, so bear with me. Ninjutsu, depending on elemental affinity, will play a major role in how we moderate a battle. However, if it so happens that two of the same element jutsu are used and they collide, this system will help us judge whose won. As a genin with primary ninjutsu vs. a genin with secondary ninjutsu, that 5% difference will assume that their jutsu is a little more dense, however jutsu description may play a role as well.

Taijutsu - Let's say your a chuunin with primary taijutsu and your battling a chuunin who does not have taijutsu as a specialization. You obviously have the upper hand. First of all, you will have more prowess in hand to hand combat, but your RP quality can change this. If you both have the same quality in RP, your punch or kick has more force and speed than your opponent. Blocking is different for this is where the percentages can truly come into play. Lets say the chuunin without the specialization punches with the force to break your arms. If the chuunin with primary specialization blocks it with their arms or legs, they will be able to reduce the damage by the percentage difference, which in this case is 15%. Once again though, RP Quality can change this. Techniques will be similar to this, and help us as staff judge your battles on a better scale if questions were to arise.

Kenjutsu - Kenjutsu, as you know is weaponry or skill with a sword. Kenjutsu is based on blade speed, force behind an attack, and the ability to shift ones hands on a weapon compared to their counterpart. This is more clear and dry than most other specializations. Obviously, the higher your rank with Kenjutsu, the faster you can slash or stab at your opponent with a sword or weapon. If an S Rank with Secondary Kenjutsu slashed with a katana vs. an A Rank ninja with primary, the speed and force behind the S Ranks slash would be more porficient than the A Rank. Throwing is under the same rules. If two kunai were thrown using the scale and the same example, most likely, the A Rank's kunai would be deviated and the S rank's kunai would still stay on path. Using this, we will be able to determine outcomes, depending on RP skill, as I will keep mentioning.

Genjutsu - Genjutsu will be a little different in explanation. All these percentages allow for a genjutsu specialist, is how well they can determine whether they are in a genjutsu, and how much more potent their genjutsu is vs. another. With genjutsu, if two of the same rank are cast at the same time, one by a chuunin with primary genjutsu and another by a special jounin with tertiary genjutsu, due to the percentages, the genjutsu by the special jounin would still be put on the chuunin. As I continue to state though, RP Quality will play a huge role in this.

Fuuinjutsu - Another unorthodox specialty that will work differently than the others. Fuuinjutsu being based on seals, all this scale will do is allow someone who has a better percentage, the ability to break down the seal and be able to reverse it. Since many register that only their character can break the seal, this scale allows that to be false. If an SS rank of primary fuuin specialist gets placed by a seal from an S Rank primary fuuin specialist, then the SS Rank will be able to formulate a complete seal reversal, or temporary seal to hold off the effects (these will have to be registered). RP Quality on a word count scale will be the determining factor on whether a seal can be reversed.

Ijutsu - Due to all Ijutsu having to be technique driven, there isnt really any way that this scale can be used, other than the use of techniques like Chakra Enhanced Strength or techniques similar. These type of techniques can be broken down by the Taijutsu section.

Puppetry - Puppetry mixes the use of kenjutsu/weaponry and chakra similar to ninjutsu to activate a puppet's abilities. Due to this, the puppetry specialization only determines the speed in which one can manipulate the puppet's movements which can be understood through the kenjutsu scale. However, due to the weapons on a puppet being registered through a technique scale, we as staff will have to use our best judgement on the power of the puppet, and not this scale.

20% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 25%

Secondary Specialization -30%

Primary Specialization - 35%

40% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 45%

Secondary Specialization -50%

Primary Specialization - 55%

S. Jounin
60% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 65%

Secondary Specialization - 70%

Primary Specialization - 75%

80% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 85%

Secondary Specialization - 90%

Primary Specialization - 95%

Kage/ Sannin/ S Rank
100% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 105%

Secondary Specialization -110%

Primary Specialization - 115%

SS Rank/ Legendary
120% Max Potential

Tertiary Specialization - 125%

Secondary Specialization -130%

Primary Specialization - 135%