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 [Shizen Uchiha / Inventory]

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PostSubject: [Shizen Uchiha / Inventory]   [Shizen Uchiha / Inventory] I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 19, 2012 11:35 pm

[Shizen Uchiha / Inventory] Inventorym

Name: Koganetetsu
Type: Katana
Quantity: 1
Description: It is a gold colored titanium blade that is about 5 feet in length. It has a gold hilt and also comes with an ornate gold sheath. Besides the looks this is nothing more than a titanium katana.
Abilities:This sword has no special abilities besides being mildly distracting because of its color and luster.
Durability: Koganestu can stand up to blades of titanium level and lower, however, any blade or technique that can rip through titanium can break this blade.
History:Shizen was given this blade by his aunt right before she died at the hands of his brothers and father and he now carries it with him wherever he goes, and treasures it almost as much as his own life, even being slightly hesitant to use it.

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Name: Sandals of Hermes
Type: Sandals
Quantity: One Pair
Description: A pair of magical sandals
Sprint- User has passive 20% speed boost

Final Sprint- User gets 40% speed boost instead of 20% lasts ten posts. ten post cooldown. After its over speed is reduced to half that of whatever rank he is.

Rush- User is unaffected by Raiton chakra up to D-rank

Shoulder Charge- User can charge through any door or wall up to 10 feet thick. One post charge. two post cooldown.
Durability: Legendary item from Mirage so im guessing indestructable?
History: Shizen was gifted these along with his sword from his aunt before she passed away, how she got them were unbenounced to him.
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[Shizen Uchiha / Inventory]
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