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 [Tokugawa Katsumoto / Inventory]

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Tokugawa Katsumoto
Tokubetsu Jōnin
Tokugawa Katsumoto

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Name: Inazuma (Lightning Strike)
Type: Katana
Quantity: One
Description: A katana with a blade made of meteor ore and forged in the fires of the Iron Mountain under the best blacksmith in Tokugawa Land. The hilt has a curve on the end which can be used for tactical maneuvers in battle when one does not yet have their blade drawn. The overall length of the sword is four and a half feet, 8 inches of that is hilt.
Abilities: Increases Kenjutsu Skill by 20%
Durability: Reinforced Meteor Ore that is stronger then most Earth metals, it is able to be torn apart by a weapon that can go through titanium though. The blade is also able to cut through steel and many things without even slowing down virtually.
History: Inazuma was one of the first of its kind. Found by Katsumoto and brought to the best blacksmith of the Tokugawa Clan, Katsushiro. Pieces of a Meteor were forged into the blade known as Inazuma, or Lightning Strike. This blade was in Katsumoto's inventory since he was first given the rank of Samurai.

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[Tokugawa Katsumoto / Inventory]
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