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 Delivery Boy: Bottled Water

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PostSubject: Delivery Boy: Bottled Water   Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:03 pm

Delivery Boy: Bottled Water


2500 ryo

After collection of water has been completed in the black forest the next step is to bottle it and then take it to the people that purchased it. Currently the two biggest buyers of our product are Harikengakure and Oashisugakure as they are our allies and lets face it, no water in the desert and only that salty stuff in the ocean makes them need it. Take a delivery of six crates by means of boat either the East or West (depending on which village you choose to deliver it to) and be forever on the good recognized list in the eyes of merchants.

Post here that you want it as well as which village you are going to and Ill approve

You must post in the travel section with a topic titled Delivery Boy: Bottled Water [mission]

RP you traveling to your chosen destination by boat [3 Posts - 300 words each]

Travel back to Arashi

Link back here for rewards

NOTE: you must complete D rank mission, Rain Catcher, before you take this one


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Delivery Boy: Bottled Water
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