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 Defend the Caravan

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PostSubject: Defend the Caravan   Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:29 am

Defend the Caravan


3000 Ryo

A local merchant is sending a caravan of goods and supplies to a foreign village, wanting to set up a new shop up there, an has asked for a small team of Shinobi to accompany him half way. He has already made arrangements with the village he is going to, and will have more shinobi waiting half way, too escort him the rest of the way to their village.

Mission Objective(s): Enter the camp without detection, destroy it from the inside out, kill each and every person there

Extra Information: There are about 10-15 bandits in this camp. Each are about a Chuunin level.

Post here that you want this mission, wait to be accepted

Then create a topic in the village called Defending the Caravan [mission].

RP you taking the caravan to the civilian village just over one hundred miles west of Boufuugakure

Minimum of six posts, two-hundred words per post.


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Defend the Caravan
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