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 [Zetzray Edrick/ Jutsu Registration]

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PostSubject: [Zetzray Edrick/ Jutsu Registration]   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:01 pm

Name: Edo Tensei
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: S
Type: Ijutsu
Element: N/A
Distance: N/A
Description: To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to revive. This basically amounts to grave-robbing, although blood stains or organs salvaged after the target's death also work. The soul of the intended revived must also reside in the pure world. Those whose soul has been consumed by the Death God, for example, cannot be resurrected. Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a vessel.

Once all prerequisites for the technique have been met, the acquired DNA of the person is put on a special marking that will be drawn or carved into the ground and once the mark is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the center. Then dust and ash encase the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the revived had at the time of their death. The person is then revived and the end product is stored in a casket that will rise from the ground of the seal until summoned by the user. The user can revive up to 1 S rank ninja, 2 A rank ninja, 3 B Rank ninja and 4 C rank ninja, he will ofcourse have to pay the chakra required for all of them. When first summoned, the body of the resurrected is stored in a coffin; their body will appear grey and in a state of minor decay, marred by cracks and other imperfections, and the individual will also appear to be asleep. Upon awakening they retain their personality, memories, and all abilities they had in life, including kekkei genkai and summoning contracts.

Although clothing is also retained by the resurrected shinobi, weaponry on the other hand is not and must be procured by the user when necessary. However, once obtained, shinobi that have stored their weapons in or about their person are still able to re-summon their tools, regardless of the number of times they are stored within their respective coffin. The summoned all have black sclera and white irides. Except for their sclera, the eye colours of doujutsu wielders don't change at all. The summoned can be recalled at will by the user, causing an empty coffin to emerge and reclaim the individual. The revived shinobi are not unsummoned after a topic, instead they are summoned until unsummoned by the summoner or killed by an opponent. The summoner can remove the summons entire personality if need be, to make he or she a killing machine with no other purpose.

4 C ranks: 130 Chakra
3 B ranks: 140 Chakra
2 A ranks: 150 Chakra
1 S rank: 200 chakra

This Technique may only be used once per topic and all materials must be gathered before hand and the mark must be set up before the ritual can take place. The shinobi that is revived must be registered by the user in the post named "Edo Tensei Shinobi" under the user's technique list. This list will be updated when a shinobi is killed or brought to life. This technique is a FORBIDDEN TECHNIQUE, if you are caught by anyone that does not keep your secret or is a shinobi of a village and you don't bribe or kill them; you will become a missing ninja and most likely be hunted down.

Chuunin can only summon up to Chuunin and only 1 body.

Special Jounin can only summon 2 chuunin and 1 Special Jounin. 2 bodies can be summoned.

Jounin can summon 3 bodies and summon 3 chuunin, 2 Special Jounin, and 1 Jounin.

An S rank can summon 4 bodies and summon 4 Chuunin, 3 Special Jounin, 2 Jounin and 1 S rank ninja.

A user is allowed to perform Edo Tensei in different topics but only 4 bodies may be activated by the user at once (if they are S rank). If a body dies or is un-summoned by the user, another body of the same ranking may replace it as long as the necessary chakra and materials are present.

Only two bodies can be summoned per topic.

Word Count Per Body

Chuunin Body Remains: 1000 Words

Special Jounin Remains: 1500 Words

Jounin Body Remains: 2000 Words

S rank Nin Remains: 2500 Words

Only 5 jutsu may be selected from each ninja and chakra cannot be recovered by themselves.

(The chakra must be payed for each body summoned.)

This jutsu may only be used by two users. Both having primary in Ijutsu.


1. Zetzray Edrick

(This is a special case jutsu)


Dual Blades: Koten and Koshima

Mission Log

Technique List

Missions Completed
D: 10
C: 7
B: 6
A: 3
S: 2

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PostSubject: Re: [Zetzray Edrick/ Jutsu Registration]   Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:06 pm

The last paragraph needs to be explained better. Your sentences are running together and is confusing. Try keeping those on individual lines and press enter when explaining the number of bodies for the next rank. It should be, 1 primary Ijutsu user, 1 secondary Ijutsu user, and one tertiary Ijutsu user. This isn't ninjutsu at all.