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 [Renga Zakii / Inventory]

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Renga Zakii
Renga Zakii

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PostSubject: [Renga Zakii / Inventory]   [Renga Zakii / Inventory] I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 11, 2012 4:31 pm

[Renga Zakii / Inventory] Inventorym


Name: Ole' Faithful
Type: Frying Pan
Quantity: 1
Description: A frying pan made from iron. It is about two feet wide, and two centimeters thick. The handle is six inches long and a six inch gold tassel has been tied to the handle for looks.
Durability: Can be cut/broken by high grade steel.
History: Just before the Chuunin Exams, Renga bought some iron blocks from a local store. He took them to Takeshi and asked him to make them into a weapon for him to use. The resourceful kage shaped the blocks into frying pan for multi-purpose use in the field. Not only does it function as a cooking utensil, but it also can be used as a large, blunt weapon.
Ole' Faithful:

Name: Gleipnir
Type: Magic Chains
Quantity: 50 feet
Description: Gleipnir appears as a long silk ribbon fifty feet in length, the materials it is truely made of are unknown to the natural world. Though they appear to be extremely fragile their durability is extremely high.
Abilities: The Gleipnir chains have varying levels of durability as well as functioning like ninja wire (escape jutsu wont work on them).
Durability: These level of durability are as follows;

  • Without the enhancement of any bijuu chakra these chains are as tough as triple reinforced steel.

    One Tail Enhancement
  • If the owner of these chains is at least in their first tailed cloak these chains get much more durable, increasing to the hardness and durability of triple reinforce titanium.

    Two Tail Enhancement
  • If the owner of these chains is at least in their second tailed cloak these chains are indestructible.

History: The first test that the jinchuuriki team of Renga and Rosuto were put through was to collect the six impossible ingredients that make the mythical substance known as Gleipnir, after journeying through several different realms of the world tree Yggdrasil they delivered them to the dwarf blacksmiths. Hours at the forge were spent making these chains and were hand delivered to the pair as thanks for their service.
Gleipnir Chains:




[Renga Zakii / Inventory] Renga10

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[Renga Zakii / Inventory]
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