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 [Haru Satsujin / Inventory]

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Haru Satsujin
Haru Satsujin

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[Haru Satsujin / Inventory] Inventorym


Name: The Glider
Type: Boomerang/Sword
Quantity: 1
Description: The Glider is a boomerange like sword made of black stainless steel. The blade istelf is continuous all the way up the front of the blade, ending at five feet in overall length. There are two black handles, one on each side, for the user to grip and throw with.
Abilities: Its a boomerang. No matter what the circumstances the boomerang will always return to its host if it is in air. If in the ground the user can pay 5 chakra and have the weapon return to them with ease.
Durability: Standard steel sword.
History: The Glider is a unique weapon, only one in the world, or so the street vendor who sold the blade to Haru said. He discovered the weapon in a stone under the village of Huoshangakure, saving it from being destroyed by a slowly rising stream of lava. According to the history book found in the library, the Glider was one of the weapons used by the ancient army of Samuri who lived here used, but many were destroyed after they fell to the ninja. Haru took the sword as his own and now it never leaves his side.
The Glider:

Name: Scarlet Chains
Type: Chain Blade/Guantlets
Quantity: 2 (1 Pair)
Description: Two jagged chains ranging about 6 feet long with a thin, sharp Kunai attached to the end of each chain. The chain blade's purpose isn't to inflict mortal wounds on opponents, but to merely draw blood from the opponent. When not in use, it is kept in Gauntlets around the user's wrist and is released when the user's Chakra is inserted into the Gauntlets. The Gauntlets extend from the wrist to the middle of the fore arm. In order to use, you must put a sample of your blood into the Gauntlet. This way the chain blade only reacts when your Chakra is inserted.
Abilities: N/A
Durability: Scarlet Wood (Strength of steel)
History: This blade made specifically for the Satsujin Clan for the purpose of drawing the opponent's blood to be used in the Satsujin's clan own blood based Kekkai Gekai. It is called the Scarlet Chain because scarlet is the color of blood, the substance the Satsujin can control. To further make this an individual weapon for the clan, they used a rare tree that reacts to chakra to form the Gauntlet the Chain Blade was held it. By placing the user's blood infused with a sample of chakra into the Gauntlet, they figured, only the user whose Chakra was infused can use the weapon. This would come in handy in case the user of the Scarlet Chain fell in battle, the enemy would not be able to gain access to a sample of the Satsujin's Technology.

Scarlet Chain:

Name: Bloody Victory
Type: Broadsword
Quantity: 1
Description: The blade it five feet long with a two foot handle. It is made of composite steel. The blade is one foot wide and has very ornate workings at the end of the handle and at the brace between the blade and hilt. Holes at the base of the blade allow for quicker swinging.
Abilities: -
Durability: The blade is strong enough to slice through anything as strong as steel. Can be broken by 2 hits from B rank jutsu, 1 A, or 1 S.
History: A blade known to all of Huoshangakure as the sword of lava. Fashioned from volcanic stone and steel, the blade was used in the war with the samurai by the general of Arashigakure. After the great war, the blade was stored away in the kage's tower, hidden until Haru claimed it for his own.
Bloody Victory:

Name: Hanzarou
Type: Twin Bladed Katana
Quantity: 1
Description: Hanzarou is a twin-bladed katana, 9 feet in length (tip to tip). The blades are each 4 feet long and are composed of Kazanite, a stone only found in Huoshangakure, which shines as if it were silver. The handle of the weapon is one foot in length with red fabric to help grip the blade. In the center, the katana can split into two separate katanas, each having a 6 inch hilt and a 4 foot blade. To separate the blades a twist and lock method is required separate the blades which takes a single second to do.
Abilities: No special alibities. Standard steel-strength katana.
Durability: Strength of steel (Kazanite = steel in strength)
History: Hanzarou was the trusted sword of the first Honokage, Tairyo, who used it to train his grandson in the art of kenjutsu. Once he suddenly died, the sword was given to Haru, who cherishes the blade and uses it as a constant reminder of the one he loved most. These blades have not left the side of Haru since the day he got them, being the one true thing he cherishes more than his village.

Name:Abura Bānburēdo (Oil Burn Blade)
Type: Katana
Quantity: 3
Description: A standard black steel katana that has a 3 foot blade and a 1 foot hilt. The only thing that is different about this katana is the small serrated parts tip of the blade. The affect nothing of the cutting power, but make it so you can strike a solid stone based surface and create a spark. The blade is sheathed in oil that is held within the sheath.
Abilities: The oil allows for the blade to burn for 2 posts(2nd degree burns on post 1, 1st degree on the 2nd post, small blistering and cauterized cuts on the 3rd post)
Durability: Standard steel katana.
History: Even in the ever dark sky of Huoshangakure, there is light. A popular tool among the ANBU of this dark place is a special blade that can be purchased from a single black smith. This blade is commonly referred to as "Oil Burn Blade" because of the oil that coats it. Its original intent was used to be as a torch to help navigate the dark streets from the permanent moonlight, it was later adapted to help in combat. Since the creation of these unique swords, then black smith has died and now only several remain.
Oil Burn Blade:



Name: Blood Gourd
Type: Gourd
Quantity: 1
Description: A gourd used by the Satsujin clan to store blood for fighting as opposed to cutting themselves to use the blood. It can store vast amounts of blood depending on rank. It is in the shape of a blood drop. This blood is added over time by taking small amounts of blood every few days.

Abilities: The gourd has the power to keep the blood inside of it as fresh as when it came out of the body. It can store amounts based on rank such as:
Genin: 1 Liter (2 Pints)
Chuunin: 2 Liter (4 Pints)
Sp Jounin: 3 Liter (6 Pints)
Jounin: 4 Liter (8 Pints)
S Rank: 5 Liter (10 Pints)
Durability: Kazanite (Strength of steel)
History: This gourd was fashioned by Haru just before he killed his father. After the fight he filled the gourd with his own father's blood out of guilt of killing him.
Blood Gourd:


~Blood alone moves the wheels of history~
~Maritn Luther~

[Haru Satsujin / Inventory] Haru_s10

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[Haru Satsujin / Inventory]
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