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 Weapon & Armor Rules

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PostSubject: Weapon & Armor Rules   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:51 pm

Weapon & Armor Registration Rules: When you post a weapon or an armor you are to follow the respectable codes for each thing. Weapons will follow the weapon template and armor will follow the armor template. You will be required to copy the code from each sticky and paste them into your post before you create your item. When typing your creation it's imperative to make sure that your posts are single spaced and on the outside of each bracket of each line. This will prevent your text from being colored to the template color, thus minimizing confusion.

Weapon & Armor Registration is going to be a slow process for you will be priced on your weapon metals and your techniques (if applicable). Just because you can't buy it right away doesn't mean you should worry. You have up to 1 month from final pricing to purchase the weapon or item that you have created. If you cannot purchase the weapon within the month, then it will be sent to the archives. If the weapon becomes archived, then you can pay 5k to pull it from the archives and put it back in the one month waiting period. You can buy it from the archives if you have the money, but the 5k fee will be added to the original asking price, so don't create a weapon that you don't think you can afford within a month, or you will end up paying more for it.


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Weapon & Armor Rules
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