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 Jutsu Rules

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Dominic Edrick

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:48 pm

Jutsu Registration Rules: When you post a jutsu you are to follow the respectable codes for each thing. Jutsu will follow the Jutsu template. You will be required to copy the code from each sticky and paste them into your post before you create your item. When typing your creation it's imperative to make sure that your posts are single spaced and on the outside of each bracket of each line. This will prevent your text from being colored to the template color, thus minimizing confusion.

Jutsu Registration will be fairly moderate in time. When creating a techniuqe, regardless if you plan on making more than one, do not, DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONE TECHNIQUE AT A TIME. This complicates the staff work when you do so, and then things end up getting cluttered and overlooked. The easier you make it for staff to work, then the faster the pricing will go. You will have an infinite amount of time to purchase a technique after final pricing, however you can register up to 3 new techniques until your previous one is either bought or discarded by either your deletion or request to have it archived. You can pull a technique out of the archives for 5k, regardless of rank. If you request to buy it from the archives, then it will be 5k more than the original asking price. If you were to post more than one tech at a time for approval, your first tech will be the only focused on and the other techs will be deleted.