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 Naruto Savage Lands RP Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Naruto Savage Lands RP Rules and Guidelines   Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:37 pm

Weclome to Naruto Savage Lands. We here at NSL are very pleased that you decided to join our site to express your Naruto ninja fantasy. Please make sure you read over these rules carefully. Every section that is applicable to each rule will have it announced in their respective forum so that you can access them at any given time.

Respect rules: These rules state as followed, you are free at any point to state your opinon towards another site member at any given time given that you do not offend them to a severe point. The members on staff are all very adequate to be there, so when they make a decision it is with the sites best interest. If you are not satisfied with the decision you are to respectfully give your reasons why, and they should be plausible reasons. If you respond with a "That's a crap decision on the grounds that it's not fair," then your comment will be deleted and that will be your first warning. If you cannot either comply with the staff or reach a consensus and you continue to complain, you will have your post in question locked and archived.

The Staff works hard to make sure that you have the best RP experience that you can have so if you are found pestering them or disrespecting them you will be warned and if it continues you will be banned. First your account will be banned, and if the problem continues on another account you will be IP banned. That means you can never come back to this site with your current IP address.

Again, the Staff is hard at work approving and making multiple additions to the site, so just because something of yours is not taken care of right away doesn't mean you should get bent out of shape about it and begin to constantly message and persist the subject to the staff. You will eventually be taken care of before a week is over so there is no need to worry. Once a staff member signs onto the Chat Box (CB), do not instantly pester them with your issues. Every staff member should be given a 5 to 15 minute grace period upon entrance of the CB for they may not have time to take care of what you need, and it puts more on their plate than they might be able to handle. Take this into consideration, or you will be warned, kicked, then banned if you continue.

Basic Overall Rules : This site is a Naruto Based RPG site where you can fulfill your own Naruto Based Fantasies. Keep these words in mind for this is a Fantasy Site. Not every aspect of real life is going to be able to come into play here. However, There are no Godmodding or Metagaming allowed.

Godmodding is as stated.

Godmodding : The use of items within your RP posession (IE, tech, chakra, clothes, etc.) up to a point that it would be considered extremely impossible. This means overpowerd low rank techniques, saying that you can never die nor get hit, things of this nature. You will be severely punished up to an IP ban for this kind of behaviour.

Metagaming is as stated.

Metagaming : The use of real life information within an RP topic. For instance, you hear out of character that your enemy is about to attack you with a team of ninja, then you go in character and do anything to stop this from happening due to your information gathered out of character. Things like this are not allowed and will be punished up to an IP ban for this kind of behaviour.

All information gathered about RP-ers and their respective clan's, ranks, and techniques will be considered unknown information until you encounter these characters within RP. This means no creating techniques that will allow you to learn instantaneous information to give you an upper edge in battle or RP plot. You are to naturally learn all information about anyone or anything by doing the work and finding out by natural means.

You are not to create techniques to counter specific members of the site. For example, you see a person has a technique that can destroy you with a wind cyclone inside of an air void. You would not be able to create a technique made to specifically dispell that one jutsu. You will have your tech denied and instantly archived.

There will be no duplication or variations of techniques already made, unless you and a 2nd or 3rd party member come to a consensus on the technique. After doing so, you must send the variation or duplication to an administrator with your proof of approval from your 2nd or 3rd party. If you do so without permission from the original technique creator, then your tech will be deleted and instantly archived.

Topic Bumping : Refrain from bumping a topic for at least 48 hours starting at the last post made, the mods are either working or busy if they aren't looking at your things so try not to clutter a topic with a long line of posts that only read 'bump' or similar things. The exceptions to this completion bumps and bumping to show that you have completed edits made to something.

Face Claim Rules : Your face claim is how your character is depicted to be seen. Once you create a face claim you are not allowed to change it unless you suffer disfigurement in RP or you decide to pick someone else only up to ONE WEEK PRIOR to your account being created. No duplications of the same person are allowed, unless that character has alternate forms that have not been used.

Rank Rules : Welcome to the Rank Rules section of the forum. This section will help you understand how your ninja will rank up/level up during your time here on Savage Lands. There are limitations at each rank to help gauge a ninja'a potential in accordance to that particular rank. There is a jutsu limitation, handseal speed, chakra pool, and most importantly, your requirements for a rank up. I will explain each to you below.

Jutsu Limitation: This is the amount of jutsu that you can have at your rank. Once you reach the maximum limit of your jutsu, you will not be allowed to register anymore until you are able to recieve your rank up. Once you rank up, you are good to go.

Handseal Speed: Handseal speed is the amount of posts that it takes for you to complete a jutsu at a certain rank. For instance, at genin, it shows that it takes 3 posts of handseals to an A Rank Jutsu. As you rank up, your experience becomes a lot better and the number reduces. As you can see, simply ranking up from genin to chuunin, reduces your handseal speed for A Rank Jutsu by a post, meaning it only takes 2 posts of handseals to an A Rank Jutsu.

Chakra Pool: Your chakra pool gauges how much chakra you have at a certain rank. Obviously, the higher your rank, the higher the number. As you perform jutsu during battle, your number decreases. This number resets after every battle.

Requirements: The requirements are the number of missions needed for your rank up. The higher you go, the harder the missions you have to complete. If you can reach the requirements, the rank up becomes yours.


Technique Limitation
8 D, 7 C, 4 B, 3 A

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 2 B, 3 A

Chakra Pool
160 Chakra



Technique Limitation
10 D, 9 C, 7 B, 4 A, 2 S

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 2 B, 2 A, 4 S

Chakra Pool
200 Chakra

4 D-Rank missions, 3 C-Rank missions, 2 B-Rank missions. Or your battle RP Quality within the chuunin exams can determine if your ready for this rank.

Special Jounin

Technique Limitation
12 D, 11 C, 9 B, 5 A, 3 S

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 1 B, 2 A, 3 S

Chakra Pool
240 Chakra

6 D-rank missions, 3 C-rank missions, 2 B-rank missions, 8000 Ryo Payment


Technique Limitation
14 D, 13 C, 11 B, 7 A, 4 S

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 1 B, 2 A, 2 S

Chakra Pool
280 Chakra

8 D-rank missions, 5 C-rank missions, 3 B-rank missions, 2 A-rank missions, Kage Approval, 5000 Ryo Payment


Technique Limitation
16 D, 15 C, 13 B, 9 A, 7 S

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 1 B, 1 A, 2 S

Chakra Pool
320 Chakra

10 D-rank missions, 7 C-rank missions, 6 B-rank missions, 3 A-rank missions, 2 S-rank missions, Staff Approval


Technique Limitation
18 D, 17 C, 15 B, 11 A, 8 S

Handseal Speed
1 D, 1 C, 1 B, 1 A, 1 S

Chakra Pool
380 Chakra


Journey Rules : To journey to another country or village apart from your current location, you must post within the journey area. The distance from your current location will determine how much you have to post.
Journeying to a village within your country will require 2 posts of 200 words each. 1 post for departure, and 1 post for arrival.
Journeying to a neighboring country will require 3 posts of 200 words each. 1 post for departure, 1 post for travel, 1 post for arrival.
Journetying to a distant country will require 4 posts of 200 words each. 1 post for departure, 2 posts for travel, 1 post for arrival.

Jutsu and Weapon Registration Rules - When you post a jutsu or a weapon you are to follow the respectable codes for each thing. Weapons will follow the weapon template and Jutsu will follow the Jutsu template. You will be required to copy the code from each sticky and paste them into your post before you create your item. When typing your creation it's imperative to make sure that your posts are single spaced and on the outside of each bracket of each line. This will prevent your text from being colored to the template color, thus minimizing confusion.

Weapon Registration is going to be a slow process for you will be priced on your weapon metals and your techniques (if applicable). Just because you can't buy it right away doesn't mean you should worry. You have up to 1 month from final pricing to purchase the weapon or item that you have created. If you cannot purchase the weapon within the month, then it will be sent to the archives. If the weapon becomes archived, then you can pay 5k to pull it from the archives and put it back in the one month waiting period. You can buy it from the archives if you have the money, but the 5k fee will be added to the original asking price, so don't create a weapon that you don't think you can afford within a month, or you will end up paying more for it.

Jutsu Registration will be fairly moderate in time. When creating a techniuqe, regardless if you plan on making more than one, do not, DO NOT POST MORE THAN ONE TECHNIQUE AT A TIME. This complicates the staff work when you do so, and then things end up getting cluttered and overlooked. The easier you make it for staff to work, then the faster the pricing will go. You will have an infinite amount of time to purchase a technique after final pricing, however you can register up to 3 new techniques until your previous one is either bought or discarded by either your deletion or request to have it archived. You can pull a technique out of the archives for 5k, regardless of rank. If you request to buy it from the archives, then it will be 5k more than the original asking price. If you were to post more than one tech at a time for approval, your first tech will be the only focused on and the other techs will be deleted.

Clanless Rules : When becoming clanless, you are not subjected to a Kekei Genkai. This means you cannot accquire a doujutsu, nor do any techniques that are already given to respective clans. You are to use the bottom half of the Clan Template (the D-S-rank jutsu templates) and create 10 free jutsu. You are given 3 D-rank, 3 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 1 A-rank, and 1 S-rank. You are able to choose from either an Advanced element with Administrator permission, or a 1 rank increase in any 1 stat. (Strength, speed, defense, etc.)

Inventory rules : Your inventory is where you house all of your ninja items, be it weapons, clothes, or so on. After a weapon/item has been approved, priced, and bought, you are to create a topic within the Inventory forum (located within the weapon shop) named [your name/Inventory] and post these items there. DO NOT POST UN-APPROVED ITEMS OR WEAPONS INSIDE OF THIS TOPIC OR THEY WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE WARNED, BANNED, AND IP BANNED IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO SO. After imputing someting within this topic, you are to go into your profile and access your character sheet. Once accessed you are to place the names of each item and the quantity of each item inside of your inventory area. Each item will need to be divided by a / to keep it neat and clean.

Jutsu list rules : Your jutsu list is what holds all of the jutsu that you create. Once a jutsu is approved, priced, and bought you are to create a topic in the Jutsu list forum (located within the Jutsu Registration forum) named [your name/Jutsu List] and post these jutsu here. DO NOT POST UN-APPROVED JUTSU IN THIS AREA OR THEY WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL BE WARNED, BANNED, AND IP BANNED IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO SO. After imputing jutsu within this list, it is required that everytime you use the repsective technique within battle, you are to insert the jutsu in full (meaning from the name down to the bottom of the descripiton of the jutsu used) into a spoiler at the bottom of your post. REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN ONLY ACCESS THE JUTSU APPLICABLE TO YOUR RANK.
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Naruto Savage Lands RP Rules and Guidelines
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